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Poop knives, arachnophobic entomologists win 2020 Ig Nobels

[ad_1] Possibly this yr’s Ig Nobels, the spoof prizes for doubtful however humorous scientific achievement, ought to have been renamed the Ick Nobels. An anthropologist who examined an city legend by fashioning a knife out of frozen human feces, and a person who discovered that spiders oddly give scientists who examine bugs the heebie-jeebies, are […]

Harvard says it obtained $8.9M in donations from Jeffrey Epstein, previous to his conviction

[ad_1] Harvard College admitted Thursday that it accepted $8.9 million in donations from Jeffrey Epstein — however no cash after the pedophile financier’s 2008 responsible plea. The information follows on the heels of revelations that Epstein donated $7.5 million to the Massachusetts Institute of Expertise — cash that establishment pocketed after, and regardless of, his […]

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