BBQ meat and cheese fries. Prepare lunch from basic meals during the day. To make this meal complete and good , we have to prepare the vegetables next to the meat. We offer you from the kitchen of the lady a dish of BBQ meat sauce and potato cheese for a delicious and delicious lunch.


- Potatoes: 4 pieces (small cubes)
- Milk: 1 cup
- butter: 2 tablespoons
salt - 1 teaspoon
- Black pepper: half a teaspoon
- Minced meat: 500 grams
- Onion: 1 grain (large size and chopped)
- Garlic: Vans (mashed)
- BBQ sauce: three quarters cup
- Mastered: a tablespoon
- Brown sugar: large spoon
- Corn: Cup (canned)
- Cheddar cheese: Copan (pitted)

How to prepare

1. Heat the oven on 350 ° C and prepare the 9 "oven dish and add to the butter.
2. Cook the potatoes until they are cooked and cooked. Add the milk, butter, salt and pepper, stir well and leave aside.
3. In a deep frying pan over medium heat, cook the minced meat until it is browned, add onion and garlic and leave for 5 minutes until cooked.
4. Add barbeque sauce, custard, brown sugar, and heart.
5. Place the meat in the prepared oven dish and spread the corn over it.
6. Mashed potato sliced ​​carefully over the meat and corn.
7. Boil the cheese on top and cook for 25 minutes until the flavors blend and the cheese melts.
8. Feet hot side dish of salad.