13 spectacular mystical and psychological thrillers about psychiatric hospitals
It is not surprising that such unpleasant establishments have a very bad reputation and an unusual, intriguing plot.
A culture in which the bride's aunt must make love to the groom
In many places around the world, the role of an aunt goes beyond just the sister of one of the parents, this role is also a source of love
What to do when they are forced to change the lower shelf to the upper one on the train - a good answer from the Internet
Unfortunately, almost every time you travel by train, you meet people who did not want to take care of buying convenient and inexpensive tickets for themselves in a timely manner.
12 stars with a signature body part: plastic, implants and injections work wonders
To become a celebrity, you need something to stand out from the rest. The second Kim Kardashian will no longer be, but no one forbids becoming her Russian copy.
One can only admire. Beautiful Brazilian actresses who drive you crazy with their looks
The girl collaborated with the most famous fashion houses, for example, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Fendi, Cristian Dior,
The most powerful women in the world - photos and facts
Usually physical strength is associated with men. But meanwhile, in almost all sports there are a lot of talented women.
Jokes from fitness halls - a selection of funny photos
At the moment, sports halls are very popular in our country. There are a huge number of people who go there and do it all the time
“I became a model thanks to my husband, who almost drove me to the first casting by force”: the story of plus-format model Anna Badi
Greetings to everyone on the channel Territory of donuts! Today I will present to your judgment another representative of the plus size world, who realized the advantages of her appearance quite by accident.
Praskovya Pozdnyakova: "I was plus-sized at the age of 18"
Greetings to everyone on the channel, regardless of whether you voluntarily ended up in the Territory of Dumplings,
Payment for shame: how much did the directors have to pay for the famous bed scenes in the movies?
Viewers of the older generation are well aware of the phrase about what was not in the Soviet Union. But the real boom began after the picture "Little Vera" appeared on the screens. And today, scenes in the cinema
Inseparable spouses: strong couples of our cinema, who are often filmed together
There are enough married couples in Russian cinema, and many of them generally developed thanks to joint filming,
Adopted beauty by blood: 13 beautiful actresses, incredibly similar to their mothers
Being born into a "star family" is not yet a guarantee of success, and many children of popular stars, unfortunately or fortunately

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