What Kind of Uber Ride Do You Like?

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Real fam, if your Uber driver gave you this ride menu, which kind of ride would you choose?


46 thoughts on “What Kind of Uber Ride Do You Like?

  1. I drive Uber. The most high-end neighborhoods are the easiest to remember because when you drop off a passenger the security guard at the front gate prints out a guest pass for the driver with the passengers address & name on it to go through. You can hang onto it forever. It’s very dangerous if you get a shady driver for sure.

  2. no loni, i believe that sometimes a driver ask questions to stay woke and get you to your destination safe, they could be a little tired because they don't get paid like you think they do, their driving for hours just trying to not swerve. i believe talking to the passengers makes the driver alert and aware of other drivers. because i want to make it to my destination than to my final resting destination safety first.

  3. Someone on Reddit said they could do a combo Creepy Rude lmfaooooo he just stares at you and once in a while says something rude 💀💀💀💀

  4. Uber is not for entertainment is to get you to point b, sit there and shut up. LoL
    As for safety, Uber has driver's information, there is a safety feature in the app and think about it, they are automatically a suspect if someone breaks in your home. I think it's safe to say most drivers don't want that attention.

  5. These girls acting like they are brand new. y’all came from humble beginnings and now y’all act all high and mighty saying oh I don’t want to be dropped off at my house. Bye

  6. I drive for uber and have done all those on the list😅. I go based off the customer. If they talk to me, I talk back. If they stay quiet or are on the phone, I'm quiet. Some have asked for funny stories and I usually tell them. Some even tell me their stories and I laugh. Depends on the customer 😄

  7. Reminds me of when I used to be a hairstylist. You have to learn how to read people. I would say the typical polite things, and then I’d see if they seemed like the chatty type or not. I had people that liked to talk my ears off the whole time, and I had people that liked to just sit back and relax.

  8. I always tell the drivers that I had a long day or have a headache and would appreciate a bit of silence. But I say it kindly and it always works

  9. I drive for Lyft and I’m everyone’s therapist😭😂😂 literally spoke to this one guy 30 mins after his ride about his problems with his girlfriend who now that I think about it… he was a stalker ex or date 😱

  10. Why are so many people so anti??! I would totally pick the funny stories. I drove for uber back in 2017 for fun and it gets mad awkward because you don’t know if people want you to talk or be quiet 🤐. Driving for uber really made me realize how weird and rude most people really are.
    Lol what I found so crazy was that whenever I would be quiet, I would sometimes look in my mirror and see the passenger just looking at me and they would never say a word 😳🤭😬😓😂😂😂 it would always make me feel so uncomfortable. But being a woman made most people feel very comfortable.

  11. I am a 5 star Uber and Lyft driver. My passengers rate me as “great conversation “, I talk about everything sex, politics, racism , weather lol. I know how to read people and if they don’t want to talk I don’t talk. I just ask if they are comfortable with the temperature setting and get them there safely. I love what I do !

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