That is Rhea Bullos, she’s 11 and could not afford to purchase sport

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That is Rhea Bullos, she’s 11 and could not afford to purchase sport sneakers to compete, so she coated her ft with plasters and drew Nike brand on them. And guess what, she received three gold medals (400, 800 and 1500m)


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45 thoughts on “That is Rhea Bullos, she’s 11 and could not afford to purchase sport

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  2. Not to discount her success, but I’m a bit disbelieving here and actually think it’s badass in a different way. I’ve been to remote villages with people basically camped out outside cities because they couldn’t afford houses and even they had shoes. Meanwhile, some people run marathons on asphalt barefoot. I suspect she likes running barefoot because that’s her preference and shoes can actually add weight at the competitive level. This was her preferred way of running. They might also require shoes and she was able to comply with these. Remember those five finger shoes that were also popular.

  3. That drive and determination will take her places in life that some can only dream of. Good for her and i hope her hunger guides her to the right path.

  4. If this is real can we get this girl some fucking shoes? I know people who spend more than that on breakfast.

    Seriously come on people we can do better, so let’s be better.

  5. [Runner with homemade ‘Nike’ given new shoes](

    The photo descriptions?

    Rhea Bullos, 11, has become an Internet sensation after photos of her (left) and her taped feet with homemade ‘Nike’ logos went viral. She won three races at an inter-school athletics meet in the Philippine province of Iloilo after taking up running just a month ago.

    Dec 15, 2019, 5:00 am SGT

    MANILA • To some athletes, brands count for everything when it comes to performance.

    But Filipina Rhea Bullos bagged three gold medals (400 metres, 800m, and 1,500m) at a local inter-school athletics meet on Monday without wearing shoes, opting instead to wrap her feet in tape and drawing the iconic Nike “swoosh” logo on them.

    Bullos, 11, was one of several on her team of 12 athletes who made their own footwear because they had only two pairs of running shoes among them at the competition in the central province of Iloilo.

    Trainer Predirick Valenzuela, whose photo of Bullos’ feet on social media has gone viral, said she showed her raw talent after taking up athletics only a month ago.

    He added that a pair of running shoes could make a big difference to her in the future.

    “Winning three medals in a competition like that is difficult, but she did it,” he said by telephone from Iloilo.

    “I’m glad she won. She worked hard to train. They get tired when training only because they don’t have shoes.

    “It’s every athlete’s dream to wear spike shoes. Not necessarily Nike, as long as they have decent shoes to be able to compete.”

    Social media has done its part for Bullos. The Daily Guardian, a tabloid newspaper in the Philippines, on Wednesday tweeted photos of the athlete at a shoe store in local mall SM City, trying on some brand new shoes.

    “SM City buys new shoes for Rhea Bullos, a runner who has been trending on social media after her picture wearing makeshift ‘Nike’ shoes went viral,” read its caption.

    Bullos was said to have been given socks and a sports bag as well.

    English fitness website also reported on Friday that many around the world took to Valenzuela’s Facebook post to cheer the athlete on.
    “This is by far the best thing I have seen today! This girl is truly an inspiration and has definitely warmed my heart. From the look of it she was unable to afford runners but she turned it into a positive and won!! Go girl,” wrote one person.

    Others tagged Nike and asked the American sportswear company to provide some gear for Bullos and her fellow runners, saying that they should be receiving “a lifetime of free Nikes” for their efforts.

  6. >The young girl actually has one pair of training shoes but she, together with two other girls of the 5th district, prefer to run barefoot since they feel more comfortable and play better without shoes on.

  7. So…you’re telling me…that everybody saw this…and nobody thought it would be a nice thing to do…to buy the girl some fucking shoes?

  8. Modern athletic shoes are a scam. They don’t prevent injuries. Barefoot/minimalist shoes actually make more sense. Someone that can run barefoot has feet that are way stronger.

    She is a total badass.

  9. And then Nike sued her for copyright infringement taking her parents hut and baby sister as compensation.

  10. Jesus, send me the kid’s name and address and I will have amazon deliver her a couple pair of shoes in a few day. We are talking less than a few hundred bucks and can she have a pair for competing, a pair for training, and a pair just because fuck it I feel like it and can afford it.

  11. Lots of articles and research suggest that its better to run barefoot. Wearing shoes your whole life actually changes your foot. And you lose the connection between foot and ground. Like imagine a surgeon opening you up to do open heart surgery but while wearing welders gloves. Your foot receives so much information from the ground. But you lose that with shoes.
    Other research is focusing on the relationship between foot and shoe even more. Like your foot lands on heel stretches as the arch absorbs the force. The rolls along ball toes bent upward and then you push off with your toes. For extra thrust.
    But shoes dont stretch were the arch is. Thats were they flex up and down. Shoes arnt really designed with the natural foot in mind.

    -im new to this research myself and im shy not very good at talking. I hope i explained it well enough to peek somebodies curiosity.

  12. As somebody who switched to barefoot running because of knee pain in my late 20s I wonder if this wasn’t on purpose. I run much faster and with a lot less pain than I ever did in “running shoes”.

  13. She has shorts, a headband, and a sports jersey, but can’t afford shoes? Shoes are commonplace and inexpensive. It’s a Western savior myth that poor people in the third world must all go shoeless.

    More likely explanation is that she prefers running barefoot, and the title is bullshit.

  14. People are celebrating this?

    It’s certainly an astonishing feat. It shouldn’t exist though. People shouldn’t live like this. What a world we live in 🙁

  15. That’s really badass, I must say. I read that it was her choice to run without shoes, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that she got such an amazing feat. If anything, it all adds to it.

    What I find amusing, looking at the tone of the news OP is sharing, is the fact that I feel like stories of success through poverty are romanticized such blatantly by the media. I mean, it’s not bad that people manage to go through every hurdle that is placed upon them. For me, the fact that those hurdles are there in the first place, and news glorifying the poor family whose kids got to walk several hours to go to school (and dressing it as bravery and resilience) instead of the fact that they have terrible access to an educational system due to poverty (to give an example) are things that come to me as quite big issues that seem to be swept under the rug, at least in these cases.

  16. I once runned on some kind of concrete barefoot, and boy, it hurts, like a hammer hitting your feet

    Props to her

  17. Why are so many people down in controversial trying to pick a fight over this? A kid performed better with a disadvantage than pretty much any of us ever will at our absolute best. Be happy for her instead of being an asshole.

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