The Prime 6 Issues to do in Ella

فوق المحتوي
تحت المحتوي

Ella is one of my favourite spots in Sri Lanka. From the train ride to get there, to the delicious food, hiking, and incredible views, this quaint little town is definitely worth a visit. I spent three nights in Ella and loved every bit of it. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth a stop or what there is to do there, read on for the top 6 things to do in Ella.

1. Hike up Little Adam’s Peak & Ella Rock

This was one of my favourite parts about Ella. Whenever I travel, I love to get outdoors and explore the surrounding hiking trails. These two hikes were absolutely fantastic. If you’re pressed for time, stick to Little Adam’s Peak; the hike is quick and the views are fantastic. If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous and want a bit of a challenge, then try Ella Rock. The route is a bit more tricky, but I promise it’ll be worth it in the end.

2. Hop on the infamous blue train to Ella

If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka, you’ve likely seen or heard about the train to Ella. While I do believe it’s worth doing, be cautious when booking your ticket. I recommend taking the train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, as this is where you’ll get the best views (and you don’t need to spend an extra 4+ hours crammed on a train). It’s also best to book a first class ticket so you have a seat and aren’t standing the entire time. For more tips on taking the train, check out my blog post here.

3. Eat all the delicious food

If this wasn’t obvious already, Ella has some great restaurants scattered around the main little road. Because this quaint town has become such a huge tourist destination, there’s a great variety of restaurants to visit while there. I’d highly recommend a visit to Matey Hut (try to go during an off-time to avoid a queue) and Cafe Chill (get their lamprais – it’s a mix of different curries, chicken, and rice all wrapped and cooked in a banana leaf). I would also recommend trying Sri Lanka’s famous dessert of buffalo curd; it sounds a bit odd, but it’s delicious. Many of the restaurants have cheap drinks and seating outside, making it a great place to head for a few hours after a busy afternoon running around.

4. Visit a tea factory

Ella is surrounded by rolling hills and tea plantations, so it would be a shame to leave without making a quick stop at one. We went to Lipton’s Seat when we were leaving Ella. It’s a bit out of the way, but was lovely to be surrounded by all the tea plantations. If you’re not keen for a long ride to one, there are definitely closer ones you can head to for a quick look, tour, and taste.

5. The Nine Arch Bridge

This massive historic bridge brings flocks of locals and tourists to it. The bridge itself is an impressive sight and dates back to the 1800s. If at all possible, I’d recommend planning your visit to time with one of the trains that pass by. Alternatively, you can plan on taking one of the trains over the bridge if you have the time.

6. Catch a stunning sunset or sunrise

Before you book your accommodation, I’d highly recommend looking into a place that is higher up on the mountain with views over the rolling hills. Although our accommodation was a little bit out of the way (thankfully we had a driver, so it really wasn’t much of an issue), we absolutely loved waking up to the sun slowly rising in between the mountains and softly setting in the evening. The views were honestly stunning and I’m so happy we choose this place.

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