The stupidity level is beyond measure.

فوق المحتوي
تحت المحتوي


The stupidity level is beyond measure.


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47 thoughts on “The stupidity level is beyond measure.

  1. Dude is lucky to be alive. You know, fighting a fork lift Head in like that.

    But I can help but hear the old Unreal Tournament announcer in the back of my mind going: “Headshot!” “Unstoppable…”

    Edit: Auto-corrupt

  2. ive heard that this happens because the forks are almost invisible from the position of the rider. never the less you should never go infant of a moving vehicle, dumbass.

  3. My cousin did something similar years ago. Driving his motorcycle through a dimly lit parking lot that someone had put an unmarked chain across to “close”. He hit it with his neck. All sorts of spinal damage…

  4. And that, kids, is why you wear your fucking helmet.

    The crown of the helmet hit the bar, absorbed the impact and got knocked clear off his head. His head snapped back, he limboed the other bar and he’ll live to talk about it.

  5. That was either a poorly made helmet or the chin strap wasn’t connected. A good helmet would have stayed on and probably thrown him off the back of the bike.

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