The final degree

فوق المحتوي
تحت المحتوي


The final degree


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39 thoughts on “The final degree

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  2. There’s something about this guys face that makes me think this was a life well lived.

  3. Is it normal that I’m 27 but feel like I’m still 18 or am I developmentally stunted

  4. Now, let the boy in the smallest picture grow up and let him hold this picture.

  5. Err…is this the same guy holding his own picture, or just a generational photo group?

    (cuz it honestly doesn’t look like the same guy in the pics)

  6. This reminds me of the scene from Avengers Endgame, where Cap time traveled and came back old. His smile grows with every picture. It’s pretty cool too, that in the last picture, he has just as innocent and happy of a smile as he did in that very first picture as a little boy.

  7. At first this made me sad, but seeing the smile on his face on the last picture med me feel like it’s all good, he’s happy with his life.

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