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زوجي مونسني بالمطبخ 💖حضر، العشاء 💖رأس سنة😱رووووعه

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سلام عليكم خوتي المغرب كنشكركم بزاف على مشاهد فيديوات دياولي كنتمنى نكون خفيفة على قلبكوم ديروليا لايك و إعجاب للفيديو و دخول القناة ديالي.
اختكم مغربية في سويسرا

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Moroccan journalist denies charges of illegal abortion


A Moroccan journalist appeared on Monday in a packed courtroom on charges that she had an illegal abortion after becoming pregnant while single.

The case has gained attention among journalists and rights groups.

The 28-year-old Hajar Raissouni has been jailed since Aug. 31. She denies having had an abortion and claims she was married to her Sudanese fiancé under Islamic law. The fiancé, a gynecologist and two others also were jailed.

They appeared in court as dozens of protesters gathered outside the courthouse in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, chanting “freedoms are in danger.”

Abortions are illegal in Morocco as is premarital sex. Raissouni faces up to two years in prison if convicted on all counts.

Raissouni claims she was arrested outside a clinic she visited for an “urgent intervention,” not an abortion.

“She was not arrested in flagrante delicto. She didn’t confess to any crime. But this is the state of our country … We’ve reached the level where women’s bodies become the subject of public debate,” said one of Raissouni’s lawyers, Fatiha Chtatou.

Raissouni didn’t speak in court Monday, but was expected to when it convenes again over the case on Sept. 16.

She works for the Arabic-language paper Akhbar Al Yaoum, a major daily critical of the state. Family members maintain that her arrest was politically motivated and that she was targeted because she is a journalist who covers a grassroots opposition movement.

Amnesty International has called for Morocco to drop charges and release her.

“Hajar is a victim in all this,” her uncle Soulaimane Raissouni, a columnist at the paper where she works, said in an interview.

Police reportedly forced Raissouni into a medical exam at the time of her arrest.

“It is a rape of her body. It shows that the state controls the bodies and freedom of a woman,” said Ibtissam Lachgar, spokeswoman for the rights group Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms.


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Ryanair Irish pilot union to decide on strike ballot next week


FILE PHOTO: Passengers disembark a Ryanair flight at Dublin International Airport in Dublin, Ireland. Aug 23, 2018. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Members of Ryanair’s Irish pilot union are to decide next week whether to join British colleagues in holding a ballot on strike action, according to a memo distributed to members.

Ryanair pilots in Britain, the Irish airline’s largest market, last week announced a ballot that could lead to strike action in late August, citing disagreements over pay and conditions.

Ryanair pilots who are members of the Irish Airline Pilots Association (IALPA) will meet in Dublin on Tuesday to decide whether to hold a ballot for “industrial action up to and including strike action”, with voting to begin on or before Thursday, July 25, the memo said.

It did not say when possible strike action would take place.

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost carrier, suffered a series of damaging strikes last year after the carrier bowed to pressure in late 2017 to recognize unions for the first time.

Management say significant progress has been made since, with collective labor agreements concluded with a number of pilot unions throughout Europe.

But IALPA said in the memo that management had failed to agree pay, terms and conditions for directly employed pilots. The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) last week said issues included pensions, maternity benefits and a fair, transparent pay structure.

Ryanair, which says it offers better conditions than low-cost rivals for Boeing pilots, declined to comment on the union action.

On Tuesday, Ryanair said it had been forced to halve its growth plans for 2020 due to delays in the delivery of Boeing’s (BA.N) grounded 737 MAX jet and planned to start talks with airports and unions about downsizing or closing some operations from November 2019.

Reporting by Conor Humphries; Editing by Kirsten Donovan


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Morocco is a trove of Jewish history if you know where to go


With its mountains and desert, beach resorts and Berber villages, Morocco is a feast for travelers of all kinds, including those who want to explore the kingdoms deep Jewish roots.

The presence of Jews in Morocco stretches back more than 2,000 years. Before the founding of Israel in 1948, estimates put their number as high as about 275,000, which was considered the largest Jewish community in the Muslim world, said Roy Mittelman, director of the Jewish studies program at The City College of New York.

Today, after vast waves of departures over the years, only about 2,000 Jews remain in Casablanca and about 500 elsewhere in Morocco, but the Jewish presence is still alive in a variety of sights. The Museum of Moroccan Judaism in suburban Casablanca, for instance, is the only museum on Judaism in the Arab world.

Jews of Moroccan descent, in Israel and around the globe, return to the North African kingdom often and some maintain second homes in familial regions. Jewish heritage tours to Morocco are abundant and easy to track down. Most cities have a mellah, which is an old Jewish quarter, along with Jewish cemeteries and synagogues.

Mittelman, who has spent 40 years absorbing the history, culture and religious practices of Jews in Morocco, leads groups of students on tours of Jewish sights as part of an advanced seminar. He said theres plenty to read ahead of a visit.

He recommends Shlomo Deshens The Mellah Society: Jewish Community Life in Sherifian Morocco for more on pre-colonial Morocco, based on the writings of 18th- and 19th-century Judeo-Moroccan sages.

To learn more about the spiritual history of the Jewish quarter in Marrakech, he recommends the travelogue of Bulgarian Jewish writer Elias Canetti, The Voices of Marrakesh: A Record of a Visit.

Mittelman has honed his travel itineraries over the years. Here are some of his favorites and other sights:


The last Moroccan Jewish day school, Neve Shalom, is in Casablanca, which is the economic and business center of the kingdom. Watch the children playing outside in the yard, enjoy them singing Jewish songs and learn more about the schools Hebrew classes and Bible studies, Mittelman said.

Visit the Tahiti Beach Club, once a local Jewish hangout.

Among Mittelmans walking tours of Jewish residential areas in Casablanca are stops at the Beth El and Eim Habanim synagogues. Theres also a newer synagogue, David HaMelech, in the tony, beachside Corniche quarter not far from the beach club.

Casablanca has a traditional kosher bakery and kosher restaurants, as do other cities. The city is a good place to start for a grounding in Jewish heritage and history.


Just over 100 Jews remain in Marrakech, including a handful who live in the old Jewish quarter, Mittelman said, but the mellah is bustling.

Among the synagogues that remain is the tiny blue-and-white Lazama, along a narrow street. Ask a local how to find it. Visitors may enter for a small fee. Theres an inviting riad-style courtyard with a fruit tree and a few chairs for weary travelers.

The original synagogue dated to 1492 but it was later rebuilt.

The mellah isnt the only place for synagogues. Head to the citys newer section of Gueliz, with a heavy European influence, for shabbat services at Temple Beth El Synagogue. Any taxi driver should know how to get there.

For a day trip out of Marrakech visit the Jewish heritage sites at Essaouira, once a thriving Jewish center and a former Portuguese fishing town. It was also a stop for 1960s and 70s rock stars who made pilgrimages to Marrakech. The town, dating to the 1700s, has a synagogue, cemetery and mellah, with plaques indicating buildings where ancient, long-gone synagogues once stood.


The city had a large Jewish community in the 17th century and has a well-known Orthodox synagogue, Ibn Danan. Once crumbling, it was refurbished in the 1990s with help from the World Monuments Fund and American Express. King Mohammed VI has committed to reviving Jewish sites around Morocco.

The mellah here is a maze within walls. You WILL get lost and thats half the fun. It was the first mellah in Morocco, dating to around 1438.

In addition to a Jewish cemetery, where a couple of eminent medieval rabbis are buried, theres a site in Fes that is considered sacred among women, the Tomb of Solika. With a last name that varies, Solika — as one retelling goes — was a Jewish woman of great beauty who was beheaded in 1834 for refusing to convert to Islam.

Maimonides, one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars in the Middle Ages, lived in Fes from 1159 to 1165. His stone home, with weathered engraving marking the location, is worth a stop.

Walk a few steps and youre bound to find somebody willing to guide you in Fes and elsewhere, but one who knows Jewish Morocco is harder to come by, Mittelman said. Do some research beforehand to find just the right drivers and guides if youre traveling independently.


If you favor this style of traveling, Mittelman said you should have no trouble in small towns and villages tracking Jewish influences and history.

Find yourself the first 80-year-old and say, Do you remember Jews here? Chances are theyll say, Yeah and here are their names and that crumbling house over there is where they used to live.


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جولة خفيفة في مدينة طنجة و فطور عائلي -فلوق

جولة خفيفة في مدينة طنجة -اشقار- مغارة هرقل -و فطور عائلي -فلوغ رمضان 2016 شاهد فلوغ ايكييا هنا https://www.youtube.com/watch?…


زوجي ما عندو ذوق ؟؟؟ تعالوا لنكتشف مع بعض ماذا اشترى لي ؟ هل اعجبوني ولا لأ؟

زوجي ما عندو ذوق ؟؟؟ تعالوا لنكتشف مع بعض ماذا اشترى لي ؟ هل اعجبوني ولا لأ؟


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