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Buhari wins election final result in Nigeria Buhari vs Atiku ,Nigerian 2019 Elections

This result for the two outstanding candidates in the Nigerian elections presidential election was predicted online you can drop your own predictions and comments

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro: Das Comeback von Touch ID?

Kommt Touch ID im iPhone schon 2020/2021 zurück?
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Apple’s New iPhone 9 Is Going To Sell Out


The evidence is building that Apple is preparing to launch a new iPhone in March. From reports of the initial production starting, through analyst reports, to supplier Foxconn noting that the Coronavirus outbreak will not impact on any shipments, the world is ready for the successor to the iPhone SE.

Yet the presumptively-named iPhone 9 is going to be the biggest departure for Tim Cook’s Apple in many years. Why is the smallest iPhone in the portfolio going to be the biggest iPhone around?

The device is expected to use the form factor of the iPhone 8 (which itself harkens back to 2014’s iPhone 6 design), but the internals will broadly match that of the iPhone 11.While it is not the 4 inch screen that the iPhone SE shipped with, the 4.7 inch screen of the 2014 design will be welcomed by many that are looking fora ‘small’ smartphone that delivers flagship performance.

Apple has experienced this build up of demand for a different sized iPhone in the past. The launch of the iPhone 6 Plus was Apple’s first pass at a larger ‘phablet’ styled smartphone saw a spike in iPhone sales, that was not repeated with the iPhone 6S Plus. The initial demand was sated, but the larger format stayed in the portfolio.

The demand for a smaller iPhone has been building for some time. With the iPhone SE cancelled in 2018, the geekerati have been looking for a replacement. If Tim Cook and his team can pitch a refreshed iPhone 8 as a refreshed iPhone SE, then the smaller phone should create a similar spike in sales.

There is also the matter of price. With a relatively lower price than the iPhone 6 Plus compared to the rest of the range at launch, I think the demand will be much higher. Apple has pushed iPhone prices under $500 on its website before, but this has always been caveated with the need to trade in an older iPhone. The iPhone 9 is going to be, genuinely, under $500.

Finally, Tim Cook’s strategy to move Apple towards a software and services still needs a wide user base to accomplish – the iPhone business still represents the lion’s share of Apple’s revenue. The inclusion of a cheaper, smaller, and popular iPhone SE will not only boost iPhone sales for 2020, but also boost the user-base for Apple’s subscription base, advancing Cook’s plan. 

The demand for a smaller smartphone; the need for an iPhone that is a genuine mid-range competitor without trade-in discounts; and a further step towards Apple’s chosen destination. Add all of those together and you have a handset that is going to be incredibly popular… and I expect the first units on sale to sell out when it first goes on sale, cementing its status as a desirable but affordable smartphone.

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New iPhone 11 launch date, worth, information and leaks

The iPhone 11 launch date will not be till September, however there’s already a number of curiosity within the subsequent new iPhone and what Apple could have in retailer for us later this yr.

The brand new iPhone 11 is about to be a much bigger improve than the incremental iPhone XS, though we do not count on the brand new iPhone to re-invigorate Apple’s smartphone line because it was solely just lately rebooted by the iPhone X in 2017.

Nevertheless, with information that Apple is not promoting as many iPhones as beforehand forecast, maybe the iPhone 11 will provide a extra inexpensive tack on the agency’s well-known flagship.

Replace: We have analyzed the info, and have provide you with our iPhone 11 launch date prediction. We appropriately predicted the launch, pre-order and launch dates for the iPhone XS in 2018, so we’re feeling fairly assured that we’ll be on the cash once more this yr.


What Will Apple Announce At Tuesday’s Massive Launch Event? Predictions On The New iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro


The expectations around Apple’s upcoming launch event on Tuesday September 10th are subdued. The ritual of Tim Cook introducing a new iPhone in front of a hand-picked adoring crowd is set, but tradition aside I wonder what Apple has that is genuinely new?

What should be in a new smartphone in 2019 is coming into sharp relief, and the answers are 5G, faster refreshing screens, minimal bezels, and a competitive mid-range price. All of these are on Apple’s radar, but not for another 12 months. The iPhone 11 family is going to offer slightly faster chips, optimized software, and an iterative update to the camera.

For 2019, Tim Cook is offering little more than a small blind for Apple to stay in the smartphone game, using Apple’s engaged fan base to bluff that the iPhone 11 family is much more than a rebadged iPhone XS family with a bit more speed.


Following on from the iPhone X, last year saw the tired addition of the ’S’ moniker, signifying a small update before the big design changes to come twelve months later. Well, it’s twelve months later, and Tim Cook is probably wishing he could call the new handsets the iPhone XSS family, because that’s what the iPhone 11 feels like. An iteration on an iteration from a company that has a brand built on innovation and new features.

The one tweak here is the addition of a ‘Pro’ model. I expect Apple to lean on this heavily during the presentation. As the first iPhone model to be badged as a ‘Pro’ model it can be pushed as ‘something new’ to keep the buzz going. The addition of Apple Pencil support will be a ‘first’ for the iOS platform on mobile, but it’s far from being the first mobile stylus.


Design wise there’s a larger capacity battery compared to previous iPhone models (but it’s still less than the benchmark used in Android flagships). Part of this will be down to the slightly thinner screen with the loss of 3D Touch sensing allowing more internal volume, and part of this will be to offset the increased potential demand for power during the day of reverse charging.

This allows the wireless charging circuits in the rear of the handset to be used ‘in reverse’ to provide charge rather than receive charge. It’s a nifty trick to up the likes of the Apple AirPods (which has an optional case that can be charged wirelessly), but wireless charging is not as efficient as cabled charging. How practical Apple’s smaller battery will be outside of the Steve Jobs Theatre remain to be seen.


Then there’s the curious case of the return of the iPhone SE. Speculation built up last week that Apple was ready to re-introduce its lower-tiered handset. The original iPhone SE papered over the low sales of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and Apple could be preparing a similar financial escape route in the face of lower demand of the iPhone 11 family.

The problem with this approach is that the knowledge of a presumptive iPhone SE 2 on the horizon could deflate sales of the handsets announced tomorrow. In preparing for a ‘second wave’ of iPhones in the 2019/20 season, Apple could be planting the recursive seed that demands the appearance of the second wave.

Will we see an SE2 on Tuesday? It’s very unlikely that Tim Cook and his team would spoil the fragile narrative that has built up around the iPhone 11, but I would welcome it. If Cook wants to be proactive, wiping out the entire lower half of the iPhone portfolio and replacing it with the SE2 would have the same transformative effect of killing the iPod Mini at the height of its commercial success, through the introduction of the iPod Nano


Tim Cook is looking to bring its software and services into the main storyline of Apple alongside the iPhone. That means less time on the hardware (which is useful given the iterative approach) and more time on services including existing subscription services such as Apple Music and new services to include video and gaming.

The Apple Watch is also expected to pick up an iterative update, but again will rely on software and the long-awaited introduction of a sleep tracking app from Apple itself.

The Apple Watch also quietly speaks to the new financial model from Apple of increasing the average revenue captured from each user. In addition to the initial purchase of the smartphone; peripherals such as the Watch, the Apple Pencil, and the additional services, will all be given a significant amount of visibility.


Apple is still in a process of metamorphosis from a hardware-focused company towards Tim Cook’s vision that the software and services will be the primary revenue streams. Right now Cook and his team are between two clear business models, hoping that the continued runway provided by the hardware sales will continue until the software model has the upper hand.

The iPhone 11 family has a simple role. It is not to push forward hardware or design (although it will be framed as such by the geekerati). It is to retain as much market share as possible while Apple continues to work on its personal golden goose.

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Alleged Samsung Galaxy Ebook S Renders Leak


The Samsung Galaxy Ebook S is rumored to be within the works.  ( Pixabay )

Samsung is rumored to roll out a brand new Galaxy Ebook laptop computer within the close to future, and now alleged photographs of the machine in query are circulating on-line.

It is known as the Galaxy Ebook S, and it is the direct successor to the Galaxy Ebook 2.

Leaked Pictures

Posted by the ever-reliable leakster Evan Blass on Twitter, the photographs (by way of Slashleaks) present the Galaxy Ebook S from completely different angles.

For starters, it is a skinny laptop computer with slim bezels, that includes a front-facing digicam on the high of the display screen for video calling and the like. From the highest view, the keyboard and trackpad format might be seen, sporting a grey shade with a purplish hue of types. A glance from the left facet reveals one USB-C port and what could possibly be a headphone jack or energy connector.

What the photographs do not present are the suitable facet of the machine, which presumably has extra ports, and the highest.

Now not like the Galaxy Ebook 2, it appears to be a standard laptop computer with a keyboard connected. In different phrases, it isn’t a 2-in-1 removable, which has been the standard design of the Galaxy Ebook lineup till this mannequin.

Snapdragon-Powered Laptop computer?

The specs of the Galaxy Ebook S are nonetheless unclear, and there is not a lot to go by in the intervening time. In keeping with the rumor mill, although, it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 paired with eight GB of RAM and run on Home windows 10. This might become true because the South Korean model has used Snapdragon chips earlier than within the sequence, in any case. Living proof, the Galaxy Ebook 2 has a Snapdragon 850 below the hood.

Whereas there hasn’t been a peep out of Samsung in regards to the laptop computer, there’s an opportunity it could possibly be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Be aware 10. Put in a different way, there could possibly be extra to anticipate from the corporate’s Unpacked occasion in New York on Aug. 7 than only a new flagship smartphone.

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Nigerian 2019 election closing outcomes , with Buhari and Atiku

This end result for the 2 excellent candidates within the Nigerian elections presidential election was predicted on-line you possibly can drop your personal predictions and feedback

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Samsung Galaxy S9 VS S9 Plus Hands On – What’s New?

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