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Tokyo’s Monster Food Challenge ★ ONLY in JAPAN #20 東京大食いチャレンジ

Japan is the last place you’d think to find gigantic portions of food, but you’ll be surprised to hear that many restaurants offer food challenges! Sometimes what you’ve given just isn’t enough,…


World Record Most Pulled Pork Eaten in 6 Minutes (7+lbs) (Must See!!!)

Furious Pete Apparel and Coaching – http://www.furiouspete.com Subscribe to Furious Pete! – http://bit.ly/Sub2FuriousPete So I was in Ottawa for Rib Fest, and broke the world record for most…


BIGGEST English Breakfast Eating Challenge!

I took on one of the UK’s Biggest Fried Breakfast Challenges! | SUB: http://bit.ly/Sub2FuriousPete ▻NEW Furious Apparel: http://FuriousApparel.com ▻GOKU GAINS Pre-Workout: http://FuriousFormula…