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Winning New York, NJ, MD, CA Lottery

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: ‘Editor in Chic’ worth a look, but may not be your style | Features


Up against the wall.

That’s where you were, hiding for most of the holiday party season. Hiding dry skin. Hiding bad hair, a lack of style, or ill-fitting clothing. For most women, looking good always looks easy. Could “Editor in Chic” by Mikki Taylor be their big secret?

Today started with a good morning.

You’re up, alive, and ready to have an amazing life. What’s next?

Says author Mikki Taylor, start by owning “the Queen in you ….” and giving her a little kick-start talk today and every day. Appreciate yourself, don’t be envious of anyone else, and choose joy. Doing so will help you to move forward.

Work to break your addiction to fear because fear can take away dreams; also remember that dreaming is not daydreaming. Know your own value, but be willing to alter it by embracing feedback and rejecting criticism; yes, there is a difference, just as there’s a difference between friend and acquaintance.

Once you’ve learned to honor the Queen within, know how to take care of her outside.

Sleep is the most underrated beauty treatment in the world, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. Establish soothing bedtime rituals and make your bedroom a “sanctuary.” Try rocking in a chair; it works for both mind and body.

Know your skin type and pamper it accordingly: “Cherish your beautiful brown skin” as if it were baby skin. If you need more than moisturizer, find a qualified dermatologist; in the meantime, reach for age-appropriate products to keep your skin glowing. Don’t forget about your hands or the skin on your feet!

As for makeup, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts to follow to get the right look. Consult with an expert to ensure that you get cosmetics that are right for you and that showcase your “bold and authentic” self. Invest time with a good hairstylist and pick the best shampoo. Don’t “cut corners” on your hairstyle or wig, and “be sure to wrap your hair at night …” And when it comes to clothes, ignore that dress size.

“Like age,” says Taylor, “it’s just a number!”

One thing you’re going to know just by browsing inside “Editor in Chic”: this ain’t gonna be cheap.

Over and over again, author and Essence editor-at-large Mikki Taylor encourages her readers to “invest” on procedures, products and processes. Some of those things are recommended by name. You can almost feel your wallet getting skinny.

That rather makes the You-Go-Girl rallying cries ring a little hollow, especially when one considers that readers have likely already read them before, elsewhere. Yes, it’s true that, together with the spiritual advice here, products and self-promotion might help some readers, but what they gleaned from the women before them probably already taught them what they need.

And cost a lot less, too.

Overall, this isn’t a bad book. It’s worth considering, but look at both sides before you buy. “Editor in Chic” may help you find your authentic style – or its advice may drive you up the wall.

Contact book reviewer Terri Schlichenmeyer at www.bookwormsez.com or at bookwormsez@gmail.com.


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تفسير الأحلام وأسوء الأشياء التي نفعلها كل يوم !

تفسير الأحلام وأسوء الأشياء التي نفعلها كل يوم !

تابعو يومياتي على الانستجرام … Ahmadm.massad

حسابي على الفيسبوك … Ahmad M. Massad

تابعو قناتنا الخاصة بالالعاب … ( Fortnite … Dota 2 )

يمكنكم تقديم الدعم لكي نستمر في تقديم المزيد من الفيديوهات على

حكي البنات
حكي الشباب
صاحبك العريط
صاحبك الحسود
مفسري الاحلام
رؤية بحر في المنام
رؤية امرأة في المنام
صاحبك يلي اشترى سيارة
bad dreams
new car

The Joker
برنامج صفر


DREAMS | New Nepali Superhit Full Movie 2016/2073 | Anmol KC, Samragyee RL Shah

DREAMS | New Nepali Superhit Full Movie 2016/2073 | Anmol KC, Samragyee RL Shah

Super Kajol Films Presents DREAMS
Artist: Anmol K.C, Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah
Producer: Bhuwan K.C. DR.Kapil Rijal, Bhanu Phuyel, Satyanarayan Keyal
Co-Producer: Raja Pradhan, Krishna Pandey
Associate Director: Diwakar Bhattarai
Screen Play: Samipya Raj Timalsina
Music: Herculese Basnet, Bishesh/Rodit
Sound Design: Uttam Neupane
Production Designer: Ganesh Sapkota
Post Production: Busy Bee Entertainment
Action: Chandra Pantha
Cinematographer: Prushottam Pradhan & Sanjaya Lama
Editor: Banish Shah, Milan Shrestha
Choreographer: Kabiraj Gahatraj
Color Grading: Rajendra Moktan
Background Score: Sailesh
Custome Design: Bina Ghale (Gabi)
Theatrical Trailer: Shahil Khan
Chief AD: Basanta Adhikari
Poster & Motion Graphics: Vijay Bashyal
VFX: Satyam Rana
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LOOT || लुट || Nepali Movie

Kathmandu, the city of dreams and hopes. Kthamandu is home to the dreamers, it’s the city achievers. Life blooms in Kathmandu, life gets destroyed in Kathmandu. Some win shile the others lose….