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Rescue mission begins for sailors trapped in capsized cargo ship


Three of the four sailors who were trapped in an overturned cargo ship off the coast of Georgia have been rescued — but the last one is still caught behind glass in an engineering room, authorities said Monday.

“We are trusting that the ventilation in there, that’s meant to be there, is intact,” a US Coast Guard official told reporters. But “he unfortunately has not had the same access to food or fresh water as the others had.”

The four sailors were aboard a cargo ship transporting more than 4,000 new cars from South Korea when it tipped over around 2 a.m. Sunday. Twenty other crew members, including the American captain, were rescued within hours, but the four, all of whom are South Korean, remained trapped inside the massive craft.

Three of the men “were together in one spot,” the Coast Guard official said. “The fourth is stuck behind glass in an engineering control room.”

Authorities are “going to find a way to get him extracted,” the official said.

As for the three freed sailors, “Their condition is relatively good for having spent close to 34, 35, hours in the conditions they were in,” he said.

“At least two were very ambulatory, able to get themselves out. The third, I don’t have all the” details.

“I know they looked pretty happy,” the official said. “They were subject to some pretty tough conditions over the last day and a half.”

He said food and an air supply made it to them thanks to a roughly 2-foot by 3-foot hole drilled into the side of the hull.

There were “tap-backs throughout the night” from the trapped crew to rescuers, the official said.

That “really motivated the [rescue] team,” he said. “Knowing that people were alive made all the difference.”

The chief engineer on the ship was with rescuers to communicate to the trapped crew in Korean, he said.


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Coast Guard medevacs man from fishing boat close to Cell Bay


… Friday and transported the person to Windfall Hospital in Cell, Alabama, … The advocacy group, Youngsters in Hazard, launched this map of these states. … Much more disturbing, a survey achieved by Youngsters in Hazard discovered that 1 in 10 day …


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