Stopping a player 5 years biting his opponent in a sensitive place

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Two French players got into a fight after their two teams ended, causing one of them seriously injured.

According to "Russia Today", a player in the French amateur soccer league was suspended for 5 years, due to a violent quarrel after a match between the "Terville" and "Switchrich" teams.

A player from the "Switchrich" team assaulted one of the opponent's players and some of them were in a sensitive place on the body, causing him severe injuries, and this happened after a verbal dispute between the players in the stadium's parking lot.

"Le Républicain Lorrain" newspaper quoted district head Moselle Emmanuelle Saline as saying: Given that the incident was one-of-a-kind, the Disciplinary Committee has engaged experts who can provide a correct assessment of the accident.

The disciplinary committee located in the French city of Marseille, issued its ruling to suspend the player of the Swiss club for a period of 5 years with a fine of 200 euros and a deduction of two points from the club's balance.

The player of the assaulted Trouville team was suspended for 6 months due to the quarrel, his club was also fined and two points deducted.


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