Mustafa Khater reveals the secret of his appearance with extra weight in the series "shot luck"

فوق المحتوي
تحت المحتوي


Cairo – Gololy

The Egyptian artist Mostafa Khater revealed many details about the scenes of his series "Talaq Haz", which was shown last Ramadan.

Khater said: "The series was very difficult for me is a new experience for me, and scenes filmed were not as comedic as some expect, but in fact there was a serious situation is great, I presented during the series for the first time human features and sad moments to a great extent in the drama through personality "Abdul Sabour".

And the secret of his appearance with excessive weight during the events of the series, he stressed that he was forced to do so as the author of the work Ehab Blibl asked him to increase weight because of the nature of the character, "Abdul Sabour," presented in the series.

The Egyptian artist confirmed that he was tense before filming, because of the character traits and the way of walking and talking, but with the photography gradually began to deepen personality.

The series "Talqa luck" is the second tournament of Mustafa Khater and participated by Aiten Amer, Wahba Magdy, Mohammed Anwar, Khaled Anwar, Emi Salem, Mirna Nour al-Din, Rania Shaheen, Yasir al-Tobaji, Ahmed Maher, Inam Salousa, Mahmoud Hafez and Hassi Sheta authorship Ehab Blibel, directed by Ahmed Khaled Amin.


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