Kennedy Catholic Excessive College college students close to Seattle, Washington

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Kennedy Catholic Excessive College college students close to Seattle, Washington have a walkout after two homosexual lecturers had been compelled to resign.


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36 thoughts on “Kennedy Catholic Excessive College college students close to Seattle, Washington

  1. Um guys, I’m sure there is a non-catholic high school just down the road you can all go to.

  2. Not to be that guy but we had a sit in when I was in HS. I don’t remember what it was about I just did it not to be in class and I feel like 90% of these kids are doing

  3. Taking a long time to type this as I have the palms of my hands covered with hair. (Catholic kids were told in the 60’s that masturbation would make hair grow in the palm of your hand

  4. It sucks for the teachers but why would i go work at a place where i know that their views contradict my own. I think the school itself definitely has grounds to stand on unfortunately.

  5. There was talk of a walkout at my catholic school over the Iraq war.

    The Brothers announced, “you’ll get a zero any scheduled assignments and a week’s in-school suspension (meaning a zero on anything that week too).”

    Some still walked out. Brothers were as good as their word. Told any parents that complained to either deal with it or enroll their kid somewhere else (no refunds though; that’s the eleventh commandment).

    They can do that. It’s a private religious school.

    Iraq war still happened though, and part of me will always blame the Christian Brothers.

  6. A few things. First, while I agree with the protestors in principle, you’re fighting against an entire religion. Now Pope Francis has stated that he’s not fit to judge homosexuals and there have been steps to welcome them back to church (which probably has as much to do with declining numbers).

    Secondly, the student protest probably won’t amount to much. Before everyone gets up in arms, allow me to explain.

    The teachers likely have a morals clause in their contract that allows them to be terminated for violating it. That’s how most of these Catholic Schools can and do fire people for infidelity or coming out as gay. I’m certain that before they were hired, this was explained to them. Courts have found these contracts as valid. Legally, the teachers don’t have a leg to stand on.

    So what about the student protest? It won’t amount to anything other than gathering publicity…because the students don’t have any real power here. The real power players are the parents. You know, the same people paying the high tuition rates. If the parents begin to protest and threaten to pull their kids out of school en masse (and the students can work on their parents), then this may change. No tuition, no more school. It’s really that simple.

  7. Hey if it is a private school they can do what ever the hell they want. You don’t like it go somewhere else.

  8. It is a Catholic high school, though. Do any of these people know what being Catholic is? Of what they think of homosexuality?

  9. Why the hell would you take a job as a teacher at a Catholic school if you are gay? I’m not even Catholic and I know that Catholics prohibit being gay.

  10. I dont think it would be a good look for a catholic school to have 2 gay teacher, think about the parents, just sayin’, not saying i agree with it.

  11. Can you be catholic if your gay? I mean it literally says in the bible that its wrong to be gay.

  12. I read the sign and the only thing my stupid ass can think is “baby don’t hurt me”

  13. is it really just coz they’re gay or that they are a couple? that could be against school rule. idk

  14. Personally, I can’t imagine why anyone who loves their children would send them to a Catholic School, but then again, I can’t imagine why anyone who cares for the well-being of others would remain a Catholic, so there’s that.

  15. Perhaps they can move to an Islamic school, although I’d stay away from the ones with the tall buildings.

  16. The Pope has been more liberal on homosexuality than the church has in the last two thousand years. ( “if you seek faith who am I to judge”)However it needs to go further.

    Catholic schools and diocese should focus on dwindling attendance and enrollment, instead of people’s sexual orientation who sacrifice time and money to grow our youth.

  17. Seattle is probably the most cancerous city in America but yeah firing a teacher because they’re gay is pretty messed up but then again its a Catholic school, a private school where their teachers have to sign a morality claus in order to be a teacher there. Teachers can be fired for being pregnant before marriage in a Catholic school because that would break said morality clause so I’m almost positive being gay was one of the things in that clause. Being a Catholic myself I live by the saying live and let live but those teachers broke their morality contract that these teachers signed. Homosexuality goes against the religion of the church, we all might not agree with that but that’s just how it is.

  18. I mean if everyone is so upset just get rid of religion and this can’t happen. Haha that really would be the best outcome for society.

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