In a humanitarian scenario .. Riham Hajjaj adopts therapy of circumstances of kids who are usually not in a position

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Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian artist Reham Haggag has adopted a marketing campaign to deal with some youngsters in want and arranged it by her private web page

Reham Hajjaj, stated in a tweet to her: "Who has God's destiny is a sick little one and isn’t in a position to remedy write briefly the scenario and the quantity required in a remark, are random choice of quite a few circumstances and Heptlhm message to speak with them, our Lord heal all our youngsters, Lord."

She added: "In folks Btaatli Rasayel it doesn’t need to write a remark .. Who doesn’t need to write a remark sends a message and I hate her," she additionally careworn that the door is open to all nationalities and isn’t restricted to help solely Egyptian youngsters, saying: "In fact … illness Mavihosh Egyptian and Indian. ”

However, Riham Hajjaj participated within the final Ramadan race in her first absolute championship within the sequence «Carmen» and shared with Sherine, Mohamed Kilani, Mohamed Halawa, Omar Al-Shinawi, Walaa Al-Sharif, Mohamed Mehran, Azza Bahaa, Mohamed Mezraban, Yasser Ali Maher, And Leila Ezz Elarab.


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