Good boy zooming once more in a couple of month!

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Good boy zooming once more in a couple of month!


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39 thoughts on “Good boy zooming once more in a couple of month!

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  2. I have a dog , Pippa, with this problem, although they didn’t name it, Pippa has ivdd. She woke up one day and just couldn’t use her back legs. She went through acupuncture for 6 months and the vet then said there was no improvement and never would get better , she lost most of the feeling in the hind quarters. We had people tell us to put her down, but we refused, she is was only 4 at the time and she wasn’t in pain. We got her a wheelchair (red ,of course, because they go faster), we call it her wonder wheels because her zoomies are so much faster now. She even figured out how to, sort of, walk a little although she looks drunk but she will never be able to go back to the bouncy dog she was but who wants to bounce when you can zoom in the wonder wheels?

  3. Absolutely amazing and beautiful work.

    Anyone notice how once Cowboy had built up muscles in his hind legs, we would kind of move them together? Instead of taking alternating steps with them, he would kind of hop or bound. I think it’s really interesting. Curious if he continues to move like that or if that was just a “stepping stone” so to speak, on his way to alternating steps

  4. Since reddit videos only work half the time I’m just going to assume this one ended well 🙂

  5. Anyone know what kind of pup this is? It looks EXACTLY like my rescue, and we don’t know the breed.

  6. Where can I adopt him? (If I had the money and time to deal with a dog I totally would, this is the best dog ever ;-;)

  7. Cryed my eyes out while my little guy is next to me playing with his bone. Fell in love with little cowboy

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