Fireworks kill Spanish singer Joanna Sainz Garcia on stage

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Joanna Sainz Garcia, a Spanish singer, was killed after a fireworks explosion hit the stage while she was performing at a concert.

Pop star Joanna Sainz Garcia, 30, was hit by a cartridge from a firecracker, which she dropped unconscious as she performed with the Super Hollywood Orchestra at a theater near Madrid when the incident happened.

The fireworks device burst on stage near the singer, resulting in her loss of consciousness, the singer's medical ambulance team was taken to hospital, and her death was later confirmed.

Garcia was singing during the last night of a four-day festival in Las Perlánas, in the province of Abla, accompanied by the Super Hollywood Orchestra. The concert was watched by about 1,000 spectators.

As soon as the singer was hit by a fireworks cartridge, the show was stopped, and two attendees, a doctor and a nurse, believed to be watching the concert, hurried to the singer to give her first aid until the paramedics arrived, but to no avail.


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