College Admissions Scheme Causes Fury Among Parents | TODAY

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The bombshell college admissions scheme revealed by investigators and involving dozens of wealthy parents, including Hollywood stars Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, has spurred outrage from hardworking families. NBC’s Natalie Morales reports for TODAY.
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College Admissions Scheme Causes Fury Among Parents | TODAY


47 thoughts on “College Admissions Scheme Causes Fury Among Parents | TODAY

  1. I do hope they take proper action against those who already graduated revoking their degree. They cheated the system, have work and money built on lies with a degree they didn't earn, which could had helped someone else who is in desperate need or could had saved that family from death. Imagine how many lives it could had changed. Yikes. Smh

  2. It's unfortunate that parents, like these, teach their children to buy people, as well as to buy their way through life. They've learned one valuable lesson, their money cannot save them from Karma. These parents should be ashamed of themselves for putting their children through this humiliation.

  3. This scam shows that education can be bought, intellect must always be earned, and integrity can be squandered. These people squandered their integrity by buying an education that robbed other people's children, who had actually earned their intellect. Ironically, Macy stars in a show called Shameless.

  4. I notice on social media how irate people get when other races mention about white privilege. I believe we don't have a leg to stand on now in regard to that comment…..


  6. they were too poor to put down several 10 million for a building to improve their kid chance getting in. These universities what they really have is alumni connections to the limited lucrative jobs out there. Big secret is the education isn't any better, especially when it the sciences 2+2 = 4 at any university. At you are really paying for the the exotic and names and alumni connections to jobs.

  7. GREAT PARENTING…putting your kids at the middle of a scandal that will leave them with internal scars for life…BRAVO, MOMMY AND DADDY….WAY TO RAISE PURE BRED NARCISSISTS!

  8. I shouldn't prevent any of my teenagers from getting discouraged from studying really hard, burning the midnight oil in order to earn a spot in one of those elite institutions ! If everything boils down to who is wealthy and who's not, then… my kids would obviously end up saying "why bother?"..

  9. The most that MIGHT occur as a result of this scandal is increased scrutiny of college/university application and enrollment procedures…and, elite parents will find another way around that too.

    However, the benefiting students (who are complicit in this scandal)
    and their parents are rich and privileged "Caucasoids."

    These white students won't be expelled from these involved elite universities; and, their
    rich white parents will never go to prison for their fraudulent deeds–
    WHY?…because they are white! But if these were rich Black parents who did
    this; well, you already know!

  10. 0:35 Bull crap on that. The schools themselves SHOULD be thoroughly investigated and be held accountable for turning a blind eye on corruption. There is absolutely no way senior leadership and administrators didn't know about this kind of stuff which we all know has been happening for decades.

  11. Let me give you a little tip! College is a scam, I went to college working 2 jobs and getting loans, only to get a 4-year degree that doesn't even make a difference anymore it promises no guarantee. No one even cares anymore about a degree, because they just want cheap labor, they want part-time cheap workers as long as you have experience. There are some degrees that can benefit you, but nothing in the Arts, Photography, graphics, music, it's very very over saturated. Even psychology, oceanography, child development! would you like fries with that!!! LAW, Medical is over saturated, schools should let you know that Firms and Hospitals have a waiting list for residency, why don't they tell you because College is a corporation, it's about money now, bribes, connections, entitlement, loans, favors, corporation influence maybe the top 25% of graduates will get work the top privileged students. Find a hands-on degree, like nursing, air condition repair, mechanic, something that fixes problems, that people need. but the economy is very structured to make their employees like slaves. Modeling, acting, music, dance, anything to do in the arts is fun and passionate, but your either gonna have to sell your soul, or live on food stamps unless your amazing and privileged, its about money and who you know. Know yourself, older souls always play fair, care about law n order and empathy, and cheaters don't really care about anything but making money, themselves and don't really care about the world we live in. Find a degree that is gonna make you a living, and do your art on the side- Art does not pay the bills!! GOODLUCK!!!

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