Coconut Tree Hill, Mirissa – How you can get there and what to anticipate

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The lazy beach town of Mirissa has a handful of Instagrammable spots, but the one that everyone lines up for (I’m not kidding) is Coconut Tree Hill. While it is an absolutely stunning spot, because everyone is there to take photos, it isn’t really a place you linger for very long. Regardless, it’s worth checking out if you don’t mind a bit of a wait to get the perfect photo.

How to get to Coconut Tree Hill?

Coconut Tree Hill is about a 20 minute walk from the main area at the beach. We did decide to walk it during the day as we had some extra time on our hands. However, it was incredibly hot and bear in mind, you are walking along the main road, so you might be better off just taking a tuk tuk.

That being said, make your way east along the road, past Mirissa Beach. You keep following the main road until you see a little road that juts off to the right called Coconut Tree Hill Road (at lease this was what it was called on Google Maps – I can’t remember if there was actually a street sign). I would definitely recommend using Google Maps to navigate, as we got a little lost and had to ask a local if we were going down the right path. After the road, just follow a small dirt path until you start seeing all the palm trees; you really can’t miss it.

What to expect

Coconut Tree Hill is essentially a large dirt mound with palm trees scattered about. While I know that doesn’t sound particularly appealing, it truly was beautiful looking out at the palm trees and ocean in the distance.

Be prepared to also look out at the dozens of other tourists there who also want to get the exact same photo. To be fair, I did actually appreciate that there was a queue when I went and people waited patiently for everyone to go to the picture-perfect spot and take their photos. I think we waited 10 or so minutes before it was our turn to grab a quick photo.

Overall, my experience there, although fairly rushed, was not all that bad. However, from talking to others it seems as though people’s experience was either hit or miss due to overcrowding, people disregarding the queue, etc. Regardless, it’s a beautiful spot, easy to get to, and makes for a great ‘gram photo!

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