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Graphic: Apple/Gizmodo

Get ready to be blown away (or disappointed) as Apple gears up for its latest big iPhone announcement. We’re expecting to see updates to all three of the iPhones in Apple’s current lineup and possibly some updates on Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook. We also expect to talk about cameras. A lot.

The Apple event begins at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. Our own Alex Cranz will be on the ground at Apple Spaceship in Cupertino, live-blogging the action from the Steve Jobs Theater. I’ll be doing the same from Gizmodo headquarters in sparkling Times Square. Look for plenty of updates in the hours leading up to the kickoff.

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The iPhone rumors so far have been relentless and fairly iterative. Most experts expect—and case makers have all but confirmed—the oblong or circular camera bumps on the backs of the current iPhone models to turn into squares to accommodate additional lenses and sensors. This surely means those cameras will gain a whole bunch of new tricks. The latest we’ve heard on the naming scheme is that it will change to reiterate the two tiers of iPhones: the updated iPhone XR will probably just be called iPhone 11, and the iPhone XS and XS Max will become the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. Notably, the Pro models will supposedly get reverse wireless charging so you can charge one device on the back of another, but dependable rumors now suggest that Apple failed to pull this off.

On other fronts, we’ll almost certainly see a slight update to the Apple Watch, although many believe the hardware will look the same. We might also see a new entry-level iPad and the rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro. We might see a new Apple TV box, and we certainly hope to learn more details about the already announced services Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade services. The rumored details, as always, will remain rumors until the truth comes out of an Apple executive’s mouth.


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