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Insidious words: kill

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Insidious words: kill

It would seem that the word is clear even to those who do not know a dozen English words, and yet: the killer smile is not a killer smile, but

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افتراضي Insidious words: kill

It would seem that the word is clear even to those who do not know a dozen English words, and yet: the killer smile is not a killer smile, but charming , irresistible , but a killer queen - not a killer queen, but a stunning beauty . Today we will deal with this word in more detail, maybe even finally.
The two sheep killed off to ninety pounds of excellent lamb . ► Ninety pounds of excellent mutton (lamb) came out of these two lambs.
She dresses to kill the class . ► She dresses [to school] to impress the whole class .
When a military man says: we killed the submarine ► he means - we sank the submarine . The word means not killing, but hitting a target , hitting . Hence the military: it's a kill! the target is hit ! Compare with the civilian version. For example, an advertising agency is brainstorming, then the creative director says: this slogan is a killing! This slogan is what you need [in the top ten! | great fit].
Insidious words: kill imgpreview?mb=webpulShe [so] dressed to slay [smite | conquer] me. When an artist, musician or artist creates something stunning , he also kills the audience
The same word is used colloquially in the sense of "tearing the tummy", "swearing".
This dude riding an elephant nearly killed me . ► That dude [guy | uncle], who rode an elephant - I almost died with laughter looking at him .
Insidious words: kill imgpreview?mb=webpulThe video from this computer game made us laugh to the point of colic.However, the word can also be used in a negative context: get , annoy , tire , enrage .
These evening classes are killing me
Similar meaning: to deprive of energy , to take away strength . Like, for example, in this song .
Well, and finally, to kill stop , put an end to .
His unceasing efforts killed the competition in 2 yearsHis unceasing efforts eliminated competitors (literally: competition) in 2 years .
Video killed the radio star Video ended the career of this radio host .
To kill also when it comes to technology ► muffle , turn off , extinguish , cut down .
Dad, please kill the TVDad , turn off the TV . I braked at the drive way and killed the engine . ► I pulled up in the driveway and turned off the engine . Hence, the emergency switch , which turns off all equipment in bulk in a moment of danger ◄ a killswitch .
Insidious words: kill imgpreview?mb=webpulI told you not to touch the emergency switch!In colloquial, when we killed a bottlewe finished our drink [finished off | emptied] the bottle . It also works with food: eat up , eat up .
Well, and, finally, for the hunter, the kill ► is his prey , a trophy .
When we say: It's an overkill ► we mean that something has been done or said in excess , too much . Her red stockings were an overkill . ► Her red stockings - it was already too much .
The word is widely used in set expressions. For example, for a broker on the stock exchange: to fill or kill ► the client's order to immediately make a purchase or sale , and if it is impossible to do it right now, cancel the order. A kill-time ► an activity to "kill" time , a kill-joy ► a bore , a person who is annoying.
I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you . ► You better not know . Literally: I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you.
To kill the goose that lays the golden eggs . ► Almost like ours: kill the goose (literally: goose) that lays golden eggs . Similarly: Curiosity killed the cat . ► Curious Varvara's nose was torn off , but literally: curiosity killed the cat.
* * *
I hope this was educational.
We have previously discussed such interesting words as drag, twist, kinky and switch .
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