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ahlam1399 12-18-2021 12:23 PM

A Russian doctor reveals a strange cause of chronic colds
The Russian doctor, Alexander Myasnikov, revealed that drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction cause chronic nasal congestion. </p> And according to "Russia Today", Myasnikov said, during a television interview, that the causes of chronic nasal congestion are not only viral, but may be allergies, which one in ten people in the world suffers from. Nasal congestion may also occur during pregnancy, as a result of changing hormone levels. </p> He added: But often this problem appears as a result of the abuse of various drugs and drugs, such as hormonal drugs, pain relievers and antidepressants. </p> He continued: It is now possible to buy and take medicines to treat erectile dysfunction in men. These blue pills are a classic cause of nasal congestion. </p> Myasnikov pointed out that different nasal drops can treat a cold, but their prolonged use leads to complications in the nasal mucosa, which requires surgical intervention. In general, the condition of the nasopharynx can be affected by increased acidity, as well as by a decrease in thyroid function. In addition, some people can develop nasal congestion, even when they drink a small dose of alcohol. </p> Read also..</p> Five foods that may cause cancer.. know them </p> </p>


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