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ahlam1399 08-14-2022 09:23 PM

6 of the most uncomfortable costumes that actresses had to act in
Often, showy costumes in films are not very suitable for everyday use, and in real life, characters would definitely refuse them. But the actresses cannot refuse the designer's idea and are forced, as they say, to wear what they are given. What costumes turned out to be the most impractical and uncomfortable - read in this article.
Michelle Pfeiffer, Catwoman costume of Catwoman from Batman Returns has become more popular than the picture itself. The audience loved him so much that he became one of the most sought after at costume parties and cosplay festivals. However, this spectacular latex suit has become a real nightmare for Michelle Pfeiffer. It fit snugly against the skin and the actress felt inside like in a vacuum package . It was impossible to put it on or take it off without outside help, and the claws constantly clung to everything. In addition, the mask pressed hard on her face and covered her ears so tightly that it made Michelle almost deaf, complicating her acting.
Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow Johansson had to participate in many action scenes as the Black Widow, but her costume was clearly not designed for this. And although on the screen it looked quite harmonious and even comfortable, in reality it was not at all like that. The suit practically did not let air through and it was unbearably hot in it , and once he almost brought the actress to the point of losing consciousness from heatstroke.
Lily James, Cinderella the ball scene in the film "Cinderella" was created as many as eight dresses of the main character. They differed in length and color, which was necessary for filming various scenes, but they had one thing in common - they were surprisingly uncomfortable. The dress itself was very heavy, and even the corset was tightened so tightly that Lily James, the performer of the role of Cinderella, could hardly breathe. It was especially difficult for the actress in the dance scenes with the prince. The partner constantly stepped on an uncomfortable dress and this greatly delayed the filming process.
Monica Bellucci, Mirror Queen chic dress of Monica Bellucci in the movie "The Brothers Grimm" was striking in its beauty, but it was completely uncomfortable. Not only was it very heavy due to the long train, and the material was too warm, but the accessories added to it torment for the actress. Heavy earrings pulled off the earlobes, and the luxurious crown was so heavy that the actress had to shoot with numerous rest breaks.
Sarah Michelle Gellar, Daphne Michelle Gellar for the role of Daphne in the movie "Scooby-Doo" designers came up with spectacular latex boots. The heroine had to walk in them throughout the film, which insanely annoyed the actress. The boots did not let the air through at all, her feet sweated a lot in them, and during breaks she took them off at the first opportunity. Remarkably, in the movie Scooby-Doo 2, her character no longer wears uncomfortable shoes, so the actress nevertheless achieved her goal and got rid of the hated boots.
Malin Akerman, Silk Ghost Malin Akerman had to experience all the above inconveniences in the Silk Ghost costume in the movie "Watchmen". Latex overalls with a tight corset fit snugly to the body and did not let in air at all, so it was unbearably hot in it. In addition, the actress had to walk in high-heeled boots made of the same material that was unpleasant for the skin.

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