Why S**wden Pushed Putin on the Spying Question
[IMG]http://rack.1.mshcdn.com/media/ZgkyMDE0LzA0LzE4L2MyL1ZsYWRfU25vd2RlLjc2NDE2LmpwZw pwCXRodW1iCTU3NXgzMjMjCmUJanBn/85be5d3f/fa0/Vlad_S**wden.jpg[/IMG]
It seems Edward S**wden had an ulterior motive when he appeared on live TV to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin whether he spied on millions of Russians.

S**wden's questions gave Putin a chance to claim that his country is **t as evil as its historic enemy, the United States, but also forced Putin to go on the record in front of millions of Russians. And that's exactly what S**wden wanted, he wrote in a Guardian op-ed on Friday.

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"If we are to test the truth of officials' claims, we must first give them an opportunity to make those claims," S**wden wrote in the op-ed. Read more...

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