Upturned green beans .. seasons fresh vegetables Look for weekly green beans and urban delicious rice dishes we offer you specially from the kitchen Madam, we chose you for a meal distinctive and useful lunch upturned green bean appetizer and delicious .. and steps to tracking your family Vajia a kick lunch today


- grinder: 1000 gr
- green beans: 500 gr
- American rice: 500 gr
- onions: 1 pcs (finely chopped)
- Aromatic bouquet: Brush
- Salt: Brush (as desired)
- Vegetable oil: 60 ml
- Seven Spices: Tbsp
- Almonds: 60 gr (Fried)
- Pine: 20 gr (Fried)
- Lemon: 20 gr (sliced ​​for decoration)
- Parsley: 10 gr (for decoration)
- Tomato: 40 gr (grilled for decoration)

How to prepare

1. Combine the meat with water and onions until the onion is purified from it, and add the aromatic package to it until it smells sweet .
2. Clean the beans and wash well, then fry with oil .
3. Wash rice well, then drain .
4. In a pot placed on the fire, add the fried beans to the floor, the hard boiled meat, sprinkle each of the seven spices and salt, and put the rice, and the broth over it.
5. Let this pot on the fire until boiling, then reduce the heat of the fire until it becomes quiet, and cover the pot.
6. After it is cooked, stir in the serving dish, served with nuts (fried almonds and pine nuts) and decorated with slices of lemon, roasted tomatoes and parsley .