“I heard George when he called out mama. That’s why I’m here”


“I heard George when he called out mama. That’s why I’m here”

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  1. I’m not a mother but I felt this in my bones. My gosh. This is real human affection. God bless her and I hope everything is going to be okay one day..

  2. I’ll tell you what. When mama hears the call it don’t matter who is calling, the person who is the threat better watch the fuck out. And the call will last a lifetime.

  3. People don’t seem to understand that when bringing up George Floyd’s past and criminal record, is that he served time for that. He has already gotten punishment. He has already paid the price for the things in the past. Sure it doesnt excuse them, but cops haven’t gotten sent to jail for beating people on the streets with batons or shooting rubber bullets at people’s faces. “Innocent until proven guilty” should have been the approach the police took when dealing with George Floyd and the counterfeit bill he spent. What if he didn’t know it was counterfeit? Maybe he was struggling a lot in life and that was his last resort… but we will never know, because the police murdered him.

  4. I love this, people are speaking the truth to them and there’s going to be people who defend the status quo still.

    I don’t give a fuck about a building that can be cleaned and rebuilt in a couple months, I don’t give a fuck about a TV from a Walmart, I don’t give a single iota of a fuck for the man that stands on the side of that fence to defend a system that is broken. All I care about is that we stop the endless cycle of pain our system has caused for thousands of people.

    If you look at what’s going on and go ‘tagging a building or breaking a window makes your cause, the cause making sure a mother doesn’t lose her child, irrelevant’ then you are on the wrong side of it. People have died at the hands of a broken corrupt system and you’re here crying about a fucking building.

  5. I’m loving the amazing, passionate speeches that people are catching on video. Please never stop sharing these videos. Who cares about some stupid building? We’re talking about human lives!

  6. Protestors should carry black spray paint and when they pepper spray or tear gas them, you spray them with black spray paint so they can’t see and have to take their masks off and get a taste of the gas and pepper spray.

  7. She has empathy for people that don’t look like her, unlike a large amount of racist right wingers.

  8. As as black woman my heart cries for the outpour of love and support for this movement. There are strength in numbers, and knowing we surely aren’t alone means more than the supporters could ever comprehend. I also know we must stand on the frontlines for other matters as well. Brick by brick, we’ll have equality across the board one day – whether it be in my lifetime or through my extension.

  9. So telling people are associating passion, sacrifice, solidarity and shared pain with mental illness.

    Some of yall are just void of baseline morality.

  10. Maybe we need to bring a TV or monitor, portable power and cable to link to a phone, tablet or laptop. Add speakers and play the George Floyd video on repeat to these cops and feds. So they can hear the pleas and watch this man die as he call for his mother. Multiple people involved. I bet many Authority figures haven’t watched it or heard the actual sounds. I bet we could turn a bunch to the correct side of history.

  11. Besides witnessing his death it’s what crush me was him on his last breath calling out for his mom while knowing she had passed. Black Lives Matter! I stand with all of you.

  12. He called for him mom and summoned all the moms of the world.

    Keep fighting.

  13. Did all you numbskulls bitching about “rioters” and property destruction catch that last part? “*WHO CARES ABOUT GRAFFITI? WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HUMAN LIVES!*”

    If you consider yourself a supporter of the cause but are still struggling with this just read that to yourself over and over until you get it. We’re talking about human lives.

  14. I think it’s time we come up with a non Karen name to honor woman like this. I vote karings

    Edit: thank you for the gold! Not sure I deserve it but I’m glad you agree with me!

  15. I love her. But I love the man helping protect and block her while she speaks the truth more. This is example of us coming together, an example not shown enough.

  16. And your cunt of a president had the gall to call these mothers a “scam”. This is the voice of a woman so passionate for humanity you can feel it in your soul. Bless these mothers.

  17. If I was on the other side of that fence, hearing her pain would make me put equipment down and not want any further part of this.

    I may be just a stranger on the internet from a different country, but I hear you mama.

  18. Good for her for pointing out that black moms have been out there doing this *forever* in the US.

  19. This made me cry, there’s just so much going on, so much that never stopped going on and should have, so much hate and violence, good to see people caring, good to see kindness and compassion

  20. Karen speaks up. *We weren’t expecting special forces.*

    Love this. Hope they are safe.

  21. I love her empathy, when social injustice occurs, each individual has right & a responsibility to stand up against it. To quote my favourite kids movie Barnyard “A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others!” Teach your kids this, they are going to be the ones helping to fight the good fight. As for this lady saying “I’m tardy to this party”…we all are my dear, we ALL are, but better late than never.

  22. The break in her voice when she talks breaks my heart. She’s a wonderful woman

  23. People against this mindset are thinking it’s too emotional of a response but then that’s the rub, it is entirely an emotional event, it rocked the worlds emotions and therefore logic is thrown aside on both sides, but that’s because there was no logic involved in George’s death, it was all emotion, angry uneducated racist officers against a distraught lonely mans cries for help. There’s no logic there it doesn’t make sense that he had to die.

  24. Black people: “stop killing us!”

    Fascists and the Alt Right: ” nah you spray painted a building so you deserve it”

  25. If we all had moms that passionate and dedicated maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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