Yasmin Raies is preparing for Al-Harith with Ahmed Al-Fishawy

Cairo – Gololy

The artist Basameen Rais participates in the movie “Al-Hareth” alongside the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawy and the artist Asma Jalal, and the work is directed by Mohamed Nader in his first feature long feature work. From previewing filming locations.

On the other hand, the Egyptian actress Yasmine Raiss sent a message to her critics, through her private account on social media.

Yasmine Rais wrote: We say also a repeat statement, not all people like each other, you do not have to like because you do not necessarily like me too, and this is an ordinary thing that does not mean that we are enemies.

Yasmin added: Every person’s culture, life, interests and external appearance vary from person to person, and finally our difference is the secret of our existence, I wish we could try to learn a culture that accepts the other.

The Egyptian artist, Yasmine Raies, was recently criticized for her appearance at the opening ceremony of the International Film Festival.

The Egyptian artist appeared in the ceremony in a narrow silver dress carving her strength, and it was short on one side and long on the other, which made a large number of her fans describe her appearance as bold.

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