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  1. every time i watch videos like this, where the guy is still able to stand & basically walk, i’m like ohhhhh THAT’S how strong the femur is

    edit: as in, yes he is clearly injured? standing & walking doesn’t mean someone is fine / won’t feel it the next day

  2. Okay, the dude gets hit, gets picked up and pulled back, and then moved forward while everyone was moving back, at 9-10 seconds you can see him a good few feet behind what appears to be a puddle/line of water, and when he gets hit hes basically on top of that puddle

  3. I believe this was in Dallas Texas, about a week prior a young man was charged for manslaughter for doing the same thing. His buddies were in the back when one fell off and the driver killed him while doing donuts. Stay away from these kinds of places guys.

  4. As a car guy who is into drifting, i fucking hate these idiots. They give us a bad name. People like this exist and then everyone wonders why they want to make us all ride in self driving electric cars.

    Its one thing to go to some empty parking lot with no one around and do some shenanigans but these guys are blocking off public roads and terrorizing neighborhoods.

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