Xia Vigor nearly missed filming “Miracle in Cell No. 7”

31 Jan – Ten-year-old child actress Xia Vigor nearly missed her chance to star in the Metro Manila Film Festival entry, “Miracle in Cell No.7” as she and her family were planning to return to England, according to her mother – known to many by the moniker Mommy Christy.

As reported on Pika Daily, Christy, who appeared alongside her star daughter at the contract signing event with VIVA recently, shared that they had just ended Vigor’s contract with Star Magic with the intention to resume her studies in England prior to the offer from the studio.

“I was hesitant at first, because we were already bent on bringing Xia home to England. It was a hard decision because we’re afraid of the showbiz world. There is no stability here, right? When you’re in showbiz, you never know where you will end up after a while,” she said.

Mommy Christy also stated that she also has a salon business in England that she hoped to manage again, which is why the decision was a hard one.

“Suddenly “Miracle” came about, and I thought, maybe we’re meant to be here. Maybe she will be able to do something here,” she said.

Asked if she thought that the movie, which is a remake of the 2013 South Korean film of the same name, would be a big hit, Mommy Christy stated that she wasn’t expecting it at all.

“I also said that we should go back to England after “Miracle”. But then she got the offer with VIVA. I thought, nobody is given such an opportunity like that, so we decided to take it,” she added.

It was also revealed that Vigor is set to star in a new movie under VIVA soon alongside Janno Gibbs.

(Photo Source: Xia Vigor Instagram)

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