Xbox One X Review (and GIVEAWAY!)

Read the full review and enter the competition at http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/xbox-one-x-review/ Buy the Xbox One X – http://amzn.to/2hBsC5B.



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  1. Put more simply.. if you're the type of person to buy an iPhone 7 when the iPhone X is out… then you might be OK with an Xbox 1S. IF you can save up for another month, or get family to pitch in… then Buy the X1X. Don't buy outdated hardware unless you have to. I like Xbox, and this fixes all the issues with the original Xbox 1. No more 900p.

  2. The showcases for Xbox One X is the fact that there are so many games that are patched to take advantage of it. Forza 7, WW2, AC Origins, and Battlefront 2… are all new games. The launch of X1X is WAAAY better than the launch of PS4 Pro. All games with dynamic resolution get an automatic benefit. The Division, Halo5, Battlefield 1… etc.

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