Xbox One X Disappointment never looked so GOOD

Xbox One X was announced for November 7 at $499 with 40 games showcased and the media is hating on Microsoft for doing what Sony has done for years.



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  1. There is a reason being for the price, the xbox one x has a device called a gpu 1800 in it meaning if the prices of the one x weren't $500 it would range to about $1,000 the console itself costs more to build than the cost of being sold itself.

  2. OMG I just can't stand watching you drive in that dirt game, you drive like a TOTALLY noob, hitting the side, slowing way to much on the corner, missing all your apex, entering the corner way to hot or way to slow, exit the corner way to slow costing you to lose speed, fuck gets on my nerves, dude if I ever meet you on a public race on forza 6 or 7 please get out of the way or I'm gonna have to push you before you make me lose time

  3. Thats not true I even held off an extra year to get the xbox one x over the ps4 pro! and I sold my old ps4 to get the pro to be honest problem is the ps4 pro is not true 4k or with a native 4k blu-ray player!!!! did not find this out till after I sold my ps4 🙁 now after reading the xbox one x (or I should say more then a year ago) has native 4k top to bottom I chose to wait it out and yes I knew it would cost more then the ps4 pro!
    was the xbox one x with true native 4k worth the wait even though it's $100 more then the pro!??? YES It IS 🙂

  4. That's alot to have under the hood of a console, and at that price point, I can't see it taking the place of the Xbox One standard. But then again people pay 1000 for a phone these days so it very well could. Don't know why gamers want so much power in a console anyways, the only way to see 4K is up close, not across a damned room with a slow ass controller to play it with.

  5. "But if you have a problem with Microsoft releasing their games on PC as well, remember that 6 of the 14 games coming up for PS4 are also releasing on PC"?? Bit of a strawman argument there! The point is, is that Microsoft are bringing their in-house big hitters to PC, whereas Sony are not bringing out the likes of Uncharted, God of War, Spiderman, TLOU….. to PC. The games that you're referring to are 3rd party games. Honestly, the delivery & presentation of your videos is really good, but your overt bias and misrepresentation of information lets you down. You can make some solid arguments for XB1 without resorting to obfuscation.

  6. I loved E3 and quiet frankly most exclusives except for the top selling ones are mediocre on PC and PS4 but xbox has less because each is well made and not there for the sake of being an exclusive whereas that is the case with PlayStation

  7. Keeping the xbone for the living room and gaming pc for the office. Any games that I can't play on the xbox on the big screen I will cast using my nvidia shield. I will be getting destiny 2 on pc for better frame rate, native 21×9 support and in my case ability to play anywhere in my home.

  8. there's no prove yet ps5 is not having backward compatibilty with ps4. also, xbox one x is not for newcomer (ps4, pc user). if ps4 user want to play a multiplat games, they can play it on pc. so i guess, xbox one x is just for the hardcore fan.

  9. was super hyped for this console… even more during e3 presentation.. but now someone came and told me it runs on rx580… which ppl say that card cant run 4k 60fps… and that made me pause for a moment.. and maybe wait and not preorder…

  10. When they get real exclusives we can talk. Other than what Halo and Gears which I'm sure will also be on PC then we can talk. Yes 6 games for Sony are on PC but 90% of MS games are on PC 6 games vs 90% Huge difference. Why spend on a new console when my PC can play all those games just fine. And just to add you boasted the B/C of the original Xbox i love then and if now we go to sales. Them adding 360 B/C hardly moved any systems for then what makes you thing adding more will sell even more consoles? MS botched there release E3 for the one and there is nothing they can do about it. The fan boys will run and by the system the rest will take what options they have and very well may go elsewhere.

  11. The thing I am looking forward to the most is an upgrade deal at the microsoft stores. Bring in your Xbox One/One S and get an X with some cash shaved off. Best part is moving all game data to an external, bring home the new system, plug in, and play.

  12. So, instead of buying a iPhone 7 at the minimal cost of £239.99 upfront + £26.99 X 24 Month Contract = £647.76 making a Total = £887.75, Ill stick with my out of contract previous IPhone for 2 years and pay 24 x £7 a month for a sim only deal which = a total of £168.

    With that £719.75 saving ill have way more than enough to buy my £450 Xbox 1 X and still have £269.75 left to buy Christmas presents with for 2 years. Bargain compared to other electrical items we all waste money on.

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