WION Dispatch: Pakistan PM Imran Khan lashes out at Trump on Twitter – اخبار مجنونة

Pakistan PM Imran Khan lashes out in opposition to US president Donald Trump on Twitter.

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46 تعليق على “WION Dispatch: Pakistan PM Imran Khan lashes out at Trump on Twitter”

  1. Donald Trump feeling the heat of @ImranKhanPTI ‘s tweets and responded in the most stupid manner possible, US Presidents use to be symbol of high Diplomacy but Trump seems to be falling lower than a under training clerk of Foreign Office.


  2. Cow piss Indiots I know that you guys like white skin but stop licking US balls they will not give you anything. Learn from China in few years they will become super power then US will lick their balls.

  3. Typical example of Pakistan completely forgetting all the past aid that America has provided them. Bheek mangoge toh bhikari jaisa hi treat kiya jayega. Yeh log jis thali mein khate usi pe ched karne wali Pakistani kom hai yeh.

  4. indian p.m mudi terrorist hi or indian army terrorist hindu army hi inki maa ko chudoo or sab si bari indian RAW terrorist hi indian RSS terrorist hin or indian B.j.p terrorist hi in randian ki maa ko chudoo ye sb k sb terrorist hin or indian media sb se bara terrorist media hi

  5. Good Taliban follows medivial principles . Remember the public whipping of girl in Swat ?
    ISIS ( embedded in them) can make many Mosuls in Pakistan. Chinese ill-treatment of Muslims, can bring about a rebound by Taliban affecting CPEC.
    Not all is as rosy, as it is presented here.
    USA is in a fix because Pakistan let them down…..with assistance of China & Russia.

  6. Imran khan can lash out as much as he wants – but facts are facts… And no matter how much Pakistanis or Imran khan denounces – they can't be changed.

    I am not a fan of Trump but on this topic – I concur what Trmp said.

    Lastly to all the Pakistanis who think Imran is a leader etc… Based on his knee jerk tweets – it's his ego and the ego of all the Pakistanis he is stroking… Reason – he too is failing to accept facts on the ground.

    Pakistan already stands alienated and this alienation is set to get even bigger…so well done Imran Khan , you are going to take your country to a new low.. In the name of nationalism laced in ego and short-sitedness.

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