Winwyn Marquez joins PH Army’s Basic Citizen Military Training


19 Feb – Teresita “Winwyn” Marquez recently revealed that she has decided to join the 2020 batch of trainees for the Basic Citizen’s Military Training (BCMT).

The actress shared the news on social media on 18 February with a photo of her at the Naval Reserve Command headquarters in Intramuros Manila, writing, “People are asking me why I want to do this.. I simply said because I want to..that’s it. No need for long explanations.”

“We don’t need to justify what we want to do, we can just show them what we women CAN do. So thrilled to be joining the Basic Citizen’s Military training Batch 2020,” she added.

Marquez also thanked good friend Rocco Nacino for introducing her to the military training, as well as Naval Reserve Command Chief Brigadier General Ariel R. Caculitan for inspiring her with stories and words about being in the military.

BCMT is an entry level training course undertaken by Filipino Citizens wanting to enlist in the reserve force. It is conducted by the Philippine Army through the Army Reserve Command.

(Photo Source: Teresita Marquez Instagram)


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