Why this photo landed Beyonce in hot water

Normally Beyoncé can do no wrong in the eyes of internet users, however a snap of the celebrity at the Golden Globes has sparked serious controversy.

While Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix stood to accept his Best Actor award Beyoncé could be seen seated in the background, and therein lay the problem.

With every other celebrity in sight on their feet applauding the embattled actor, the queen of pop stayed seated in a move many couldn’t help but dub deliberate, and disrespectful.

While others applauded Joaquin, Beyonce remained seated. Photo: NBC

A controversial film, Joaquin Phoenix tackled the famous character in a dark and twisted take on the origin story in a performance almost exclusively hailed as a masterpiece.

A divisive figure himself, the actor is unafraid to speak his mind to his Hollywood peers, and many are speculating he got Beyonce offside given the blatant nature of the seated snub.

Snub slammed

Fans took to Twitter to debate the move, many slamming it as a huge sign of disrespect.

“Beyonce remained seated while everyone else gave a standing ovation to a Joaquin Phoenix — a man who’s been through so much in his life and has never got the appreciation he deserves,” Twitter user Kilee Hall wrote online.

“Can anyone give me a proper excuse b4 I lose all respect for her?”

“Beyoncé is wrong for that Joaquin Phoenix DESERVES a standing ovation,” another wrote.

“Beyoncé not standing for Joaquin Phoenix’s acceptance speech is disrespectful,” someone else agreed.

“Beyoncé really had the nerve to show up late to the Golden Globes and then not stand for Joaquin Phoenix,” another wondered.

Fans rush to Beyoncé’s defence

Others disagreed, arguing the popstar had every right to remain seated, statement or not.

Some argued there was no statement at all.

“Let’s not create any mess here… she most likely didn’t stand because she would be in the way when he walked by. She smiled and clapped,” one pointed out.

“She was still smiling and clapping for him. This overly sensitive generation cracks me up,” a user argued.

Others disagreed, but back Beyoncé’s choice.

“I’m sure she has her own reasons but I doubt arrogance was one of them,” another agreed.

While the debate rages on, what was actually said in Joaquin’s speech has touched a nerve with many a fan and celebrity.

What Joaquin Phoenix said in his speech

Joaquin Phoenix divided opinion with his win, but even more so with his acceptance speech. Photo: NBC

The actor followed the trend of commenting on climate change and a changing social climate, but controversially turned the conversation on the wealthy and privileged members of his audience.

In a censored speech, with sections bleeped to hide a plethora of swear words, it was his final most uncomfortable statement that prompted the award’s music to start playing him off, almost, but not quite, obscuring his final Hollywood-specific comment.

“It’s great to vote but sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves and make changes and sacrifices in our own lives. I hope that we can do that — we don’t have to take private jets to Palm Springs for the awards sometimes or back, please,” he said pointedly.

“I’ll try to do better and I hope you will too.”

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