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Why the iPhone 9 (SE2) is a HUGE deal for Apple!

Apple’s iPhone 9 is coming next month! Here’s all of the leaks, rumors and how the coronavirus will affect the release date. China and India will LOVE iPhone 9!
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iPhone 9 renders in video created by ZONEofTECH and EverythingApplePro.

There’s a reason budget smartphones do so well in emerging markets like China and India. We talk about those in this video!

The iPhone 9 is the PERFECT iPhone to sell to these emerging markets, especially since the one-year old iPhone XR was the best selling smartphone in the world basically all of last year!

We talk about all of the iPhone 9, or iPhone SE2, leaks and rumors, including the iPhone 8 design, the display, the thickness, the camera, the home button, the processor and much more!

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  • I was one of those people complaining that my iPhone 6 was too big. Now I complain that my 11 pro max is too small 😅

  • Great info! I love this channel, I got here via the duo's AppleInsider Days. Hit like if you have followed them for that time too!

  • Oh my gosh! Having a same form factor as iPhone 8 will be a sad demise of industrial design language of iPhone 5, 5S and SE.

    My dad is still on 5S and is adamant to not switch to any other iPhone just because of its form factor which is so comfortable to use in one hand.

    But here’s also a thing that you need to know about India is that it’s NOT A LOW PAYING JOB country - by no means at all. In fact, cost of living index in India is higher than that in The States. An avenger middle class Indian is loving quite high on the hog compared to an average middle class American. Even then, iPhones are now pretty ubiquitous in India given its lot expensive here than in the US. While the first $1000 iPhone in America was iPhone X, Indians have been paying $1000+ for iPhone for far longer than in The States. On top of that, Apple is not giving any tax benefit to Indian customers for the iPhones that are made in India. So, it doesn’t make any sense for you to say that Indians would get cheaper iPhone just because Apple start manufacturing newer iPhones in India that would give them tax benefits.

  • Had the iPhone 8. Worst phone i've ever had.weak battery low resolution and dated design.
    iphone 9 is just refurbished iphone 8.Tthere are better alternatives.

  • Though the Indian smartphone market is colossal, a $399 iPhone in India would still peg itself in the medium price range, which is already crowded with phones from OnePlus, Xiaomi and Samsung. Coupled with a slowing economy and a decline in consumer spending, it wouldn't be a surprise to see it not performing well.

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