Why the Illinois Mega Million Lottery Winners Went Public

Merle and Patricia Butler, a retired couple from Red Bud, Illinois, claimed their share of a record $656 million from the Mega Millions lottery jackpot on Wednesday. The retired couple has been happily married for 41 years. Merle explains what happened when he found out they had the winning ticket:”We put it in a lock box and proceeded to call various people to get appointments and legal advice and financial advice and we have been—, I was retired and looks like I’ve got another full time job, so, I’m back at work. Holders of two other winning tickets in Kansas and Maryland decided to remain anonymous, but Illinois requires the winner’s identity to be revealed. The retired couple will claim $158.9 million dollars in a lump sum before taxes, or about $218.6 million parceled out in 26 yearly installments, making history as the largest prize in Illinois Lottery history. The couple plan to invest the money, buy a new car and financially assist their two children and their grand children