Why Diets Don't Work – How the Body Burns Fat and Loses Weight by Thomas Delauer

https://www.antlerfarms.com Every few years there are new fad diets that trend. But do they actually work? The fact that people jump from one to the other should tell you that most diets don’t effectively address the body’s mechanisms that result in us losing weight. Thomas DeLauer breaks down the basic principles behind burning fat and weight loss, and what your ultimate goal should be when changing your diet to lose weight.
I want to talk about whether or not traditional diets are actually helping you out in the long run, or if we need to look at an alternative situation when it comes down to being our best selves. You see, first off, what I want to break down is the two true ways that your body burns fat, and there really are only two proven mechanisms in which your body burns fat.

Where different fad diets and things come in, they all kind of interlace, but they all break down from this same center of the two ways that our body burns fat. The first one is through elevated heart rate. The more that our heart is beating, the more energy that we are expending, the more fat that we’re burning. This is also known as thermodynamics, okay?

If our body is burning more energy than it’s taking in, you’re going to lose weight. Whether it’s fat loss or muscle loss, you’re still going to lose weight. Obviously we can start to factor in all kinds of other things, but when we’re looking at overall how to instill the biggest response upon your body, getting the heart rate up and taking in less calories than you’re burning is going to be the best way.

The fact is, there are lots of different fads out there. Okay? All kinds of crazy celebrity style diets but really, ultimately the goal is just to reduce your calories. We have to look through the window and see the forest through the trees when it comes down to truly knowing what’s best for us.

Where does supplements come into play here? Because this is the thing. So many people out there will just buy into the fact that a supplement is going to magically fix you. The fact is supplements can help. They act as a bridge, but you have to view him as that. You have to remember that calories in versus calories out trump all, okay? Even when you’re fasting, which I’m a huge advocate of, you are still leaning on the benefits of thermodynamics. You’re going to ultimately consume less on a fasting day than you would on a non-fasting day. It just adds up that way over time. So even when you’re talking about things like fasting, you’re still looking at the big picture, and understanding that calories in calories out matter.


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