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  1. Collins will go to Kansas City….for 2 reasons. 1, his best years statistically was under Spags and the Chiefs just signed Spags. 2, Chiefs have Mahomes and that will attract FAs to come to KC because they want to win.

  2. The Jets and Giants are not really NY anymore are they? Is Jersey all that enticing? Is either team one or two players away from the SB? I think players are becoming way more savvy about where they are willing to play and they base it much more on the chance of winning, what is the environment like, not just for them but their families and even when it comes down to money things like taxes come into play as well.

  3. Browns all the way!! They had a good offensive FA n draft last year n need to shore up run defense this year. Great FA n draft for defensive talent. Bet JD n team knock it outta the park n Browns add 3 more wins in 2019. Go Browns!!

  4. they're the Jets… has anything happened to make you think they've changed? no.
    and why is it so important they don't whiff? are they a Super Bowl contender or even a playoff contender? of course not. so, does it really matter if they win 1 more game next year?
    this idea that the Jets are interesting is just the normal New York nonsense/drama, unfortunately, based on a ridiculous sense of self-importance.

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