Which Parts Can You Reuse From an Old PC? (ft. My Dad’s Old Desktop!)

Have an old pre-built PC that needs to go? Don’t toss it just yet. Here is a list of old computer parts that you can bring with you when building your new rig.



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  1. Keep it as a backup, make a TV media station, sell it as a whole or parts online. Salvaging? In my case, merely the USB PCI expansion slot. Also the case if I really want to end the thing. Perhaps the 250 gig hard drive, but I'd rather get a 2TB USB drive.

  2. Just use it for old video games. At least thats what ive done with some. Just install windows xp. Old games will run way better. Running windows 7 or 10 tends to mess up disable some features and options from old games (resolutions etc)

  3. Best thing to do with an "old wreck" is to use it for retro / legacy OS purposes, my friend has an old XP (or was it 98) setup as their knitting machine software was never updated to work with anything better.

    Mind you, undoing years of Windows rot can make an old system feel a lot quicker

  4. I just gutted my system and dropped the mobo with CPU and RAM into my new case with a new power supply and graphics card. It works great but it’s only temporary until I get the money to upgrade the cpu and mobo

  5. Is this an a6177c? I just restored one of these, runs like a charm with 8gb ddr2, core 2 quad q6600 and a gtx 750 and an extra 80mm fan to pull air in through the side panel vent by the HDD. Might not be as fast as a new PC, but way fast for a PC with a socket 775 mobo.

  6. I have that same pc. I replaced the gpu with a gigabyte gt1050 and installed Windows 10. I have a celeron core 2 quad processor. It's still going. It can run premiere pro…….although slow. My rig is about 11years old now. So now I am currently waiting on heaps of new parts for a new rig. Loving your channel.

  7. There is no way any of that stuff should be used if it was caked with a dust that means it was over heating, and the fans and many components are over used and stressed and on its way out. That stuff is all done, and shot

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