Whenever you received abs of metal. – اخبار مجنونة

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  1. As is the tradition, the /r/nextfuckinglevel thread showcasing a woman in excellent physical shape displaying her fitness and/or strength was met by dozens of commenters stating that they absolutely could do the same, only don’t want to and their girlfriends go to a different school anyway.

    Jesus Christ, lads, I’ve awoken the incels.

  2. Sure, when good looking gym goers do this it’s all laughs.. But when I do this to the granny who pushed in front of me in the supermarket, I get arrested and thrown in jail.

    One law for them. The hypocrisy sickens me…


  3. So here’s the right way to comment without being a smarmy, self aggrandizing, Douche nugget of an incel.

    Wow, they are both very fit and it was amusing how she was laughing the whole time.

  4. Why are these ab punching videos getting so popular lately? It’s a dumb flex and most are barely punching to begin with. This isn’t “next level”

  5. You gotta get creative now that you can’t get an abortion in Texas.

    ^(yes I’ll go back to hell now thank you)

  6. That sounds so comfy right now,
    I’ve got a stomach ache and someone punching my stomach continuously sounds like just the ticket

  7. Props to the guy as well for being able to throw that many punches in a row without stopping. He’s obviously not giving it his all, but if you’ve ever done any workouts around throwing punches, it can be exhausting.

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