When Will I Be Hoover Free

When will you be free of the hoovers from the narcissist? How long will it take? Can this be expedited at all?

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  1. I left mine and moved 14 hours away. I have been no contact for almost two years. Mine is a lower narc, he still tries occasionally to contact me. I ignore his attempts. When you say no contact, you have to mean NO CONTACT. I agree with him…you will never be totally Hoover free but it is how you deal with it that makes the difference. I finally have spoken to a few friends in the last few months but will not give them my number if they are also his friends because they might accidentally give him the number. I am on social media, but hidden at all times. He has used every trick to get me to contact him, but silence from me is best. No response gives me more time between Hoovers. It is hard to not respond to mean, and even nice Hoovers but it is doable, I promise. And it is liberating.

  2. Hey HG, does your "Elite" status mean you are more f'n crazy than the "Run of the Mill" f'n crazy narcissist? Just asking? Or does it mean you are "more special" than your average narcissist. With that being said, I have another question. Do you suffer Narcissistic Injury knowing people are starting to laugh at you and your kind. Or is it Narcissistic Supply or FUEL as you put it? SPOILER ALERT: Never try to comprehend an insane person's thoughts or actions.

  3. When he left me, and moved far away, I was intrigued as to whether or not he would hoover me. Now that he has hoovered me, I am offended by it. I am nobody’s “back up plan”. And I am nobody’s second choice (technically, he made me his LAST choice). I have grown and I have emotionally and mentally matured. He used to mean so much to me. Now, he is a “nobody” and a nothing to me. I’m stronger and I’m FREE.

  4. I never contact the narcissist. However my husband works with him. So, he is always in our lives, though I refuse all verbal, electronic or work related gatherings.
    It’s been 15 years since I broke off our relationship, only emotional but never physical. Breaking it off, I was honest, to the point of me being vulnerable. This was met with an outburst that broke me. Not something I expected from someone I had been friends with for over a decade. That said, said narcissist has been in my life for 25 years. It’s just been the last 15 years that is awkward and unsettling, because possibility of us having a relationship is impossible.

  5. Also teacher i said before there are many good qauilities you have because you help other people.regardless of your tramatic child hood experiences you suffered with your mother. Which help shape you into a narcissist .i watched the video when you told everyone the feeeling you went threw as a young person with your mother and sibling. it was very emotional for you. Im sorry you went threw that.But your turning a wounding into something greater by helping others that are blinded to the nature of a narcissist. Thank you teacher. Your the absolute best.❤❤❤❤

  6. Yes teacher all of this you mentioned is true. The narcissist will always hoover as what you said there are many factors as why he or she decides too. One will never be hoover free but thoes dame narcissists are always in seek of fuel. Thank you teacher.😄😄😄❤❤❤

  7. I was wondering if you could do a video on how one can tell if a Youtuber is a narcissist, (not the ones that admit it like yourself), but if there are behavioral clues that might indicate if someone making videos is one.

  8. My ex narcissistic psychopath messaged me on POF that he needed a favor.
    This is after he just konda ghosted me again like he did the second time we talked and this was about a year ago. I knew it was one of two things and I was right.
    I think it is funny how he pretends to care when I know hes full of crap.
    I debating on whether ot not to help him or of I should let him come over and slam the door in his face and tell him to get the F$#k away. Leave me alone and go craw under a rock some where and disappear.
    There is still that part of me that wants to see the good in him and that is what sucks.
    My heart wants to believe maybe he has changed but my gut is telling me otherwise.
    I have a feeling that when him and his ex wife have an argument that I am brought up and that is how I become hoovered.
    This is what happened last time, they were fighting and I believe he came back to me to get back at her for not being the good little ex wife.
    Its so sad that I miss his company because when things were good they were good.
    To good actually but the bad was very very bad.
    He says he's in a lot of pain after haveing surgery and we all know what he is wanting this time and it isnt sex. I think KARMA has gotten him big time and still is biting him on the ass.
    Only bad thing is if I reject him and give his same treatment back, only God himself will know what he will do if he dont get what he wants. Especially when it comes to one of your kind that is either in massive pain or withdrawaling from not having anyrhing. But that is the part that confuses me is that he always said he has a high pain tolerance so of that is true then how can a hemorrhoid surgery be so painful if he does what he is supposed to do.
    I'm very confused is all but the one thing I am not is stupid.
    I should have ignored the message but even if I did that he wouldn't have left me alone till he gets what he wants and not in a good way…
    What should I do now HG?

  9. Tudor, thanks a Lot for such valuable info. I live in the same place where we lived together for nine yrs and I do know he's been around my place a couple times, though not recently. Now I know I must always be on-guard with this mid-range narc while breathing…

  10. I was IPS for nine terrible years, but a yr ago I caused massive wounding to the narc, I expossed him, blocked him on social media and mobile phone, I broke up w/his minions, and rejected two attempts of contact by him, it's been a year since last contact, he remarried…and there's still a risk for a Hoover?? F…k!!!

  11. Your never Hoover free! My ex narc nearly 2 years no contact has been hoovering me recently. So he must be low on supply or bored but i aint falling for it! He gives me creeps now. It really is weird how you all do the same things its like you read a book!

  12. Is this still considered a Hoover if the narcissist is with the female that lives upstairs from me, we have children together, and i cut all contact including the children at this time.. did he get with this female so he can hurt me and be around to see what i am doing.. i was with him 12yrs.. she moved up stairs 6months ago..

  13. Exactly, I actually would like for him to contact me!!! I'm sure that I won't be hoovered because he's said that, "I can't give you what you want". He's also in another country a long, long way away. He's in North America and I'm working in the Middle East. He doesn't want me.

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