Waheed Hamed: Apparent Religiosity, the Cause of Sexual Harassment

Cairo – Gololy

The great Egyptian writer Waheed Hamed said that the causes of widespread harassment in Egypt during the recent period are very many.

Waheed Hamed added during his meeting with the “Hadith Al-Masa’ program, with the media Yasmine Ezz, and broadcast on MBC Egypt, one of the most important of these reasons is that if religion was a true religion we would not have seen that, because the main essence of religion is morals, and raising the father and mother is from You make civilized man.

He continued, that the culture of the rabble is not permissible in our society, and the bohemian behavior is new to us, and the Egyptians were usually distinguished by the lightness of blood and the people were walking with a smile, but now we see them frustrated and there is a defective thing that dominates the society now and we must return to the Egyptian personality that people love compassionate for good and we must get rid From evil tendencies.

He also stressed during the episode that art made him a good personality, saying: “Art is a beautiful thing, and it is a very rich area full of feelings, feelings, art, beauty, and necessity must be good, tolerant, and benevolent. This is a good thing. Art is what made me a good person, connect with people, and protect with them is who gave me Richness or richness in the topics that I have dealt with all people.

And about the first one who instructed him to work in the field of drama, he said, Dr. Yusuf Idris, he is the first mentor to him when he presented him with his first anecdotal set, and although he did not like him, he only said to him: I discovered a high dramatic sense, and he worked with advice and the reason was to open the field of drama for him.

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