‘WACO’ Official NEW Series First Look Starring Michael Shannon & Taylor Kitsch | Paramount Network

WACO is a brand new 6-part series from Paramount Network based on the true story that shocked the world of religious leader David Koresh’s Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas in 1993….



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  1. Omg Im so watching this! Taylor is amazing n soo underated! He could be one of the leading actors if john carter n battleship wasnt below average n bomb hard at the box office. He looks amazing here n creepy too..

  2. Fantastic 6 part mini-series. Although I found the last 20-30 minutes very hard to stomach. I actually felt the despair of those trapped inside.
    Not since I saw the Channel 4, 4 part mini-series "The Promise" has a series left me feeling this amount of anger.
    Great acting from the "Waco" cast.

  3. Paramount BS cover up, they left out how the feds machine gunned down the dividians as they fled the Burning Church. And how they used shaped charges on the roof of the "vault." They present the feds in a false positive light, and the dividians in a false negative light. Paramount SUCKS!

  4. No doubt the ATF shot first. Koresh and the Davidians were definitely psycho, but they were ZEALOUS. If they didn’t kill a spy caught dead to rights, there’s no WAY they would’ve used their “holy guns” recklessly against “human souls”

  5. No doubt the ATF shot first. Koresh and the Davidians were definitely psycho, but they were ZEALOUS. If they didn’t kill a spy caught dead to rights, there’s no WAY they would’ve used their “holy guns” recklessly against “human souls”

  6. This was the beginning of the end of America. I couldn't believe what I seen that day when they killed all of these people and I still can't. Many of us were forced to no longer be proud of our country that day. All of our core values died with those people no matter if you agreed with what went on in there or not. May God have mercy on their souls.

  7. The funny part is all American viewers are screaming angrily "They were American citizens, Americans should not be treated like this"!!!!!
    Well, if you allow you dog (government!) to do that in other countries, eventually your dog will turn and bite you!
    Your government is a rabid dog and it will harm anyone stands in their way.

  8. Few Americans realize that on February 28, 1993 when BATF agents in National Guard helicopters zoomed in on the Branch Davidians' church and home, Mount Carmel Center, they did so with guns blazing, like Americans raiding a Vietnamese village in that far off war. … It is likely FBI agents deliberately sabotaged negotiations with Davidians to prevent their exiting Mount Carmel. Their goal was to destroy the building and its damaging evidence, even if that meant the massacre of dozens of men, women and children, all witnesses to the brutal attack. — Carol Moore: Overview of Davidian Massacre
    After the February raid by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) of David Koresh's dissident religious community at Waco, Texas, the FBI and the U.S. Army took over, mounting a 51-day siege. This included such psy-war tactics as sleep deprivation of the inhabitants of the community by means of all-night broadcasts of recordings of the screams of rabbits being slaughtered.
    Finally, despite David Koresh's pledge to surrender upon completion of his written explanation of the meaning of the Seven Seals, the FBI and the Army attacked. At dawn on April 19, 1993, and throughout the morning, tanks rammed holes in the main building and pumped (in the FBI's words) "massive amounts" of CS gas into the building, despite knowing that inside were more than a dozen children. The tanks demolished parts of the compound and created tunnels for the wind to blow through. The buildings at this point were saturated with inflammable CS gas and spilled kerosene.
    Around midday two U.S. military pyrotechnic devices were fired into the main building, igniting a fire which (because of the holes in the walls allowing the wind to gust through) spread rapidly through the complex of buildings and became an inferno. 74 men, women and children died — including twelve children younger than five years of age. Fire trucks were prevented by the FBI from approaching the inferno. After the compound had burned down the BATF flag was hoisted aloft to signify 'victory'. Subsequently the burned-out ruin was razed in an attempt to remove all evidence of this premeditated murder of innocent civilians by agents of the U.S. government. Thus occured an atrocity which many Americans believe could never happen in their country. A look at the evidence presented in the film Waco: Rules of Engagement (and in the BBC documentary broadcast in the U.K. on November 28, 1998) shows that it did happen.
    The lawyer for one of the survivors said at one of the U.S. government 'investigations' (or rather, whitewashes): In this country when people are accused of a crime they are arrested and given a trial — that's 'due process'. If found guilty of murder then maybe they are killed. We don't just kill them first — which is what happened at Waco.

  9. The Waco Massacre
    Note regarding links: Much of the Waco information once available on the web has "disappeared" and many of the links on this page have expired (a few are marked as such) or no longer lead to the original page. An expired link at least shows that the page once existed. Some pages which no longer exist on the web can still be recovered by entering the URL (right mouse click on the link to get the URL) into the
    Wayback Machine.
    And as an amusing exercise in provoking censorship try adding a link to this page from Wikipedia's
    Waco Siege page and see how long it takes to be deleted.

  10. Oh I still believe.
    No idea if that part really happened but it was a great scene to show that you can throw the Davidans in the corner, tie 'em up, beat 'em and leave 'em out for dead but you cannot break their spirit. I don't know, part of me still believe the government did kill 'em.
    Love the show, it's an incredible part of our history that shows when the government tries to overstep their boundaries and flex their muscles.

  11. Wow, the US government really botched this mission. Thought the prophet guy was a scumbag using his followers to bang their wives, then all of a sudden the US government totally overreacts. Started rooting for the ATF to be shot down. I think the moral of the story is to NEVER trust the ATF. Never help them. Never talk to them.

  12. What really happened in waco' atf started shooting first, killing anyone for no reason knowing women and children where inside the building but when fbi took control' forget it, "death". Atf literally got away with murder on tape and lied to the media.

  13. The government handled this situation perfectly. Cray people can't be dealt with rationally. Yes people died, but they started the fires. David got the Davidans killed not the other way around. Get it right people.

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