Virgo daily horoscope – اخبار مجنونة


Sunday 05, January

The Moon is lighting up your house of inspiration, higher consciousness and teachers. Choose the company of those who lift you up and can teach you something. You love people endowed with wisdom and a high vibration. You’re all about the bigger picture of positivity and beauty for the next few days.

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Saturday 04, January

The Moon continues to push you to your edge and could even be inciting a bit of anger when you least expect it. If your own irritation catches you off guard, take a deep breath and pause and count to ten. This is a contentious vibe that will soon pass.

Friday 03, January

The Moon continues to light up your house of deep changes, Virgo. Plus, this is the very last day of that Mars will power up your communication zone, asking you to get to the bottom line. You can’t stand any superficial chatter and you have probably been very vocal about this over the past few weeks.

Thursday 02, January

It’s all about confronting some of your most irritating fears today, Virgo. The sooner you get straight to the root of what angers you, the faster you can transmute the energy. You refuse to let anyone or anything hold you down for long-especially your own fears or insecurities. It’s a new decade, so banish what scares you.

Wednesday 01, January

The Moon and Mars are working together right from the get-go as 2020 begins, pushing you into new levels of drive, courage and ambition. Your mind is all ablaze with fabulous new ideas for projects. Take your status to even greater levels of success this year. As if you weren’t on fire already, Virgo!

Tuesday 31, December

The Moon is lighting up your opposite stars of Pisces today for the final day of 2019. This puts the focus on other people and your closest partnerships. What a sweet note to end the year on. Celebrate your favorite people on this earth. Love makes the world go round for another decade.

Monday 30, December

The Moon is now lighting up your opposite stars of Pisces, putting the focus on your relationships. Spending time with the ones you love is the way to go. The dreamier your shared experiencess, the better. The details and fact-checking can certainly wait. Now is so not the time, Virgo.

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