Vincent Wong happy to play Hope again in “Legal Mavericks 2”

10 Jan – Vincent Wong recently admitted that returning to the role of the blind lawyer Hope Man in the sequel to his hit 2017 series, “Legal Mavericks” has brought a sense of familiarity to him.

As reported on HK01, the actor, who spoke to the media at the blessing ceremony of the said drama recently, shared that the character seemed to have always been inside of him, and that returning to it was not a big issue.

“When you come across familiar people and surroundings, the character just comes out. You can just bring him out. This is the first time that I am reprising a role in my career,” he said.

If there is one challenge to playing Hope again, it would be the blind contact lenses.

“The hardest part was trying to familiarise myself with the lenses again. It hurts all night long,” he said.

Vincent is also happy to be reunited with his co-stars Sisley Choi and Owen Cheung, adding that the chemistry between them is much better now.

“After being away doing our own projects, I realised that we have only improved our connection. I would definitely recommend watching the sequel if you are a fan of the first one,” he said.

However, unlike the first series, where the show was driven by its characters, the actor said that the sequel will focus more on the cases instead.

(Photo Source: Hk01)

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