Van Diesel undergoes a photography session with a dove


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The British star and singer Van Diesel performed a new photography session for Flaunt magazine, after finishing filming the last scenes of his new movie Fast & Furious 9, in which he reviewed the form in which he was famous in many of his action roles, holding a white dove inside the photo session.

According to "blendcinema", the 52-year-old superstar revealed that the tenth part of the Fast & Furious series will be divided into two parts, a few days after the launch of the first trailer for the expected ninth part of the series, which will appear in theaters around the world in 22 Next May.

"I started planning, for the tenth part of Fast & Furious, before starting filming the ninth part of the work, as the story is saturated with many details, which can be divided into many other films, so I focus all my thinking on the tenth part," said van der Diesel. Of work, which is supposed to be the last in the series, and therefore the team and the producer company Universal, deserve a great and satisfying end to the work, which millions of people around the world have followed

In spite of Van Diesel's words, however, rumors spread, before preparing to photograph the ninth part of the work, that the last part of the series would be the tenth, but now after what the action hero said, diesel, it is not known, if he will be presented the tenth part, with names Different, or it will be 10 Fast & Furious, and 11 Fast & Furious.

It is worth noting that the last part of the Fast & Furious series, has achieved revenues amounting to one billion and 238 million US dollars worldwide, and co-starred in the film Van Diesel, Scott Astwood, Charlize Theron, Kurt Russell, Dwayne Johnson, Helen Mirren, Michel Rodriguez, And Jason Statham and co-authored by Chris Morgan and Gary Scott Thompson and directed by F. Gary Gray.


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