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  1. Max, you're missing the point. In SM, you're not the customer, you're the product. The TOS and COC exist to give the platform rights to content and give them a reason/excuse to ban/restrict/discipline a user if they so wish/need to. They don't oblige the service to do anything.
    Therefore, the small size of your channel, etc. isn't a point for you, it is a point against you. You are less likely to cause the service any damage if banned or disciplined against than a larger channel, etc. You are easier to to deal with if you cause offence or a any real or imagined PR problem.
    Censorship, free speech, etc. don't apply because it is a private service. These laws drag behind here, because, while in any moral sense all your rights (and equal protections) should apply to a service considered "common", they don't. The services will profile you and your followers, etc., take your content, screw you over, discipline you at will, use you for profit, shut you in an echo chamber to make the service more addictive and, if paid to do so, target you for influence.
    Know what you're dealing with and how it can be used against you.

  2. Somebody probably reported you before it. I am not a expert. Just report enough of tweets/users and you're name goes up the rank. And i don't even know the guy, but even then i couldn't care, it's not you wishing him death. I typed this for you're last comment.

    And about Trump and some other politicians, i just need to keep my mouth closed.

  3. This is why my FB account was closed 10 years ago, and my Twitter account 2+ years ago.

    As to applications of the rules, some animals are more equal than others. Until Trump is censured and treated the same way under the terms, I'm not playing their game.

  4. Sort of unrelated, but sort of not…
    going to take a wild shot in the dark and guess that Mssr. Francois isn't Vegan…
    mebbe that's a good thing; he won't be around as long.
    Not the most Christian of attitudes to take but hey… the man's BMI is in the thirties for a reason.
    Like Ricky Gervais says, we call 'em 'salad dodgers' for a reason.

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