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Trucker makes video about idiots on the road when he is clearly

Trucker makes video about idiots on the road when he is clearly the idiot himself.

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  • The white van (aka Idiot #1) is why you don't blow a stop line when turning left at a light. They're drawn back for a reason.

    EDIT: Even though the line is faded, even I can see there's enough of it left that I'd know not to blow it. And the double yellow line ends where the white line would have been, so that's a second visual cue.

  • I see 16 wheelers turn using only their own designated lanes in busy intersections, why does this guy have to overshoot lanes by this amount?

  • Clearly an idiot for making a right turn in an intersection not designed for a full tractor trailer to make with out swinging into on coming traffic. And the person at the light was clearly not an idiot for paying attention to her surroundings and understanding basic physics to know that 99.9% of right hand turns are not designed for trucks to negotiate. Without either swinging into oncoming traffic or running over what ever may be on the inside of the turn, curb ,pedestrians, light pole, etc etc.

    Clearly, perhaps we should make trucks smaller so the rest of the motoring public shouldn't have to put up with all the nuisances that trucks cause. Because I'm sure if trucks were reduced to half the size we would not have this huge inconvenience of paying attention and giving them some leeway, I'm sure everyone clearly would be in agreement for having to pay twice as much for most goods, due to what ever delivered goods now takes twice the manpower and twice the equipment cost to now move.

    Clearly that could not happen there is no way trucks deliver that much goods. Clearly I'm sure none of the building materials on your residence or the cement or asphalt you drive on or the clothes on your back or the food at the grocery or the car you drive to get them or the overpriced Starbucks coffee you get every morning down to the pipes that carry away your shit have never been on a truck.

    Fact if the matter is trucks are a necessity to modern every day living and our economy and most of the motoring public sees them as a nuisance, remember that their is a person behind that wheel trying to do a job, and the motoring public should be more aware and cautious around them, as they do need more space to negotiate turns and more time to stop and have huge blind spots!

    He may have seemed a little aggressive, but ask yourself this if you dealt with having to do it day in and day out and are constantly battling traffic just to make a turn because no one wants to be inconvenienced by a truck and give some leeway, how would you proceed? Take the turn slower and stay further away from the car that you need to back up, to make the turn, so they just sit in the same spot and the light changes now every one at the intersection will now perceive the truck as an idiot for blocking the whole intersection?

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